Chinese Music


Learning a Chinese Musical Instrument can be a great way of getting a taste of Chinese culture whilst trying something new, fun and rewarding.

The instruments we practice at Goldsmiths Confucius are traditional Chinese Instruments which you may not have had the chance to play before.

The classes are open to beginners as well as those with some musical background, in particular string instruments.

Classes currently on offer are in Erhu (Chinese Fiddle), Cucurbit (Chinese Flute) and Xun (Chinese Vessel Flute).

How to enrol

You can now pay for courses online via the "Enrol now" link on the chosen Short course page. 

Course term dates

Autumn 2 October 2017 - 15 December 2017
Spring 8 January 2018 - 23 March 2018
Summer 23 April 2018 - 29 June 2018

Note: During reading weeks, there will be no classes unless specified by the teacher. There will also be no classes on bank holidays.

Xiaoqin Guo

Profile shot of Xiaoqin Guo

About the music teacher Xiaoqin Guo

Xiaoqin Guo is an Associate Professor of the National Music Department of Erhu of Sichuan Conservatory of Music. He is also Deputy Director of Sichuan Erhu Association and specialises in playing and teaching a variety of traditional Chinese traditional wind and stringed instruments, including the Cucurbit flute, Erhu (the Chinese two-stringed fiddle), Banhu (a traditional bowed string instrument also in the huqin family) and Jinhu (the smallest and highest pitched of all instruments in the huqin family).

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