Resources for schools


The Goldsmiths Confucius Institute is dedicated to collaborating with schools and students to provide Mandarin Learning support as well as greater exposure to Chinese arts and culture.

Calligraphy Workshop with Primary students

Over the past years, we have visited a number of schools and collaborated with them by offering bespoke workshops and demonstration classes as well as performances for celebration days. These include workshops/performances in Chinese dance, taichi, kungfu, traditional Chinese instruments, Mandarin, calligraphy and many more. Our teachers are always ready and willing to speak with you and to meet your school’s needs.

Besides attending our courses or registering for official HSK testing, college or high school students are also eligible to apply via our institute for spaces in various activities and scholarships sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. For example, the bi-annual Summer and Winter Camps in China and for various scholarships to study in China.

For schools that wish to establish a more long-term collaboration with the Goldsmiths CI it is also possible to set up a Confucius Classroom at your school which would provide a more long term Mandarin learning support as well as sponsored teachers and resources from Hanban.

For more information on Confucius Classrooms, scholarships and collaborations with schools, please contact us at confucius (