Staff in the Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance

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Photo of Annie Guo

Annie Guo

A producer, lecturer and writer, Annie is from a dance background and is interested in intercultural exchange.

Photo of Shaolin Ou

Shaolin Ou

Chinese Director
s.ou (

Dr Shaolin Ou is an artist and researcher, her areas of research and teaching cluster around Chinese Dance, Chinese Aesthetics, Performing Arts and Art Criticism.

Photo of Hao Lan

Hao Lan

Hao has overseen a range of courses, including elementary, intermediate, advanced and HSK training courses.

Photo of Chenjin Ying

Chenjin Ying

Mandarin Lecturer
c.ying (

Chenjin is an undergraduate Mandarin lecturer with the department on secondment from our partner university, Capital Normal University (CNU) in Beijing.

Photo of Jiaolong Ma

Jiaolong Ma

Dance Teacher (

Jiaolong is a professional dancer and dance teacher; his specialisms include Chinese classical dance, the Shen Yun dance technique and tai chi.

Photo of Lihua Zhang

Lihua Zhang

Mandarin Lecturer
lihua.zhang (

Lihua is a Mandarin lecturer with the department, she oversees short courses and our international Mandarin Proficiency Examination (HSK) testing centre.