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Annie Guo

Annie originally trained as a classical Chinese dancer from the age of ten before moving on to train in contemporary ballet; she subsequently attended Beijing Dance Academy and graduated with a BA in Musical Theatre Performance.

She first came to Goldsmiths in 2004 to study for her MA as a Producer in Musical Theatre. In 2008 she completed a course in Business Financial Forecasting and Marketing at the London Business Study Centre. 

Her vision is to create a bridge between Eastern and Western culture, especially between China and the UK, particularly looking at the cross-cultural exchange of education, performing arts, history, customs and other social and cultural aspects.


As a producer, Annie has worked on numerous large-scale productions in both China and the UK, including roles as the Executive Producer / Artistic Director for the Cultures of China Festival of Spring. She has also worked with Cameron Mackintosh on the Chinese version of Les Miserables, acted as Associate Producer for Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds and been Producer / Director of Qing Shan, a cross-cultural project in collaboration with the Arts Council. 


Annie played the lead in both Tale of the White Snake and Legend of Yang GuiFei.


Previous works include Double Life, a musical about materialism, moral standards and social pressures for the new Chinese generation; Angling City, a musical adaptation of a little-known historical legend; Hey Youth, and The Graduate, which won the first prize at the Chinese National University Arts Festival and the Best Show prize at the University Performance Competition in Sichan Province, China.


Annie lectures on musical theatre at both BA and MA in Goldsmiths as well as giving talks and workshops at a wide range of institutions and organisations, including the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts; Chongqing University in China; Twenty First Century Performing Arts Centre; Beijing Oriental Song Lei Musical Development Company; ISTD’s (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) Theatre Congress Showcase.


Research Interests

Annie’s research interests include:

  • Intercultural communications;
  • Mind, body and movement;
  • Comparisons and respective origins of Musical Theatre and localisation;

Annie is also a research fellow at Beijing International Studies University.