Jiaolong Ma

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Position Dance Teacher
Email j.ma (@gold.ac.uk)
Jiaolong Ma

Jiaolong Ma is one of China's most acclaimed Chinese classical dancers. He has excelled in a wide range of dance categories, coming in first place at the Hehua Dance Competition 2015 and third place at the Tao Li Bei Dance Competitions of 2006 and 2009. He is a skilled performer and teacher of Chinese classical dance, contemporary dance, the Shen Yun dance technique and tai chi.

He is also a specialist in theoretical dance pedagogy having published research papers on such topics as The Value of Strength in Dance Performance.

Academic qualifications

  • 2016, Master of Art, Department of Dance Performance, Beijing Dance Academy
  • 2016, Certificate for Teaching in Colleges and Universities
  • 2011, Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Classical Dance, Beijing Dance Academy


  • Goldsmiths Short Course – Chinese Classical Dance
  • Beijing Dance Academy - Dance Improvisation and Chinese Classical Dance Creative Practice
  • National University of Singapore - Chinese Classical Dance
  • Pineapple Dance Studio - "Shen Yun" Technique

Jiaolong's Chinese Classical Dance and Chinese Sword Dance courses are currently being taught at Goldsmiths.