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Song Qiao

Song Qiao is a Dance Teacher with the department. Song is a dancer, actor and teacher who specialises in Chinese Han and Tang classical dance. His dances performed during the school years led to him receiving many awards. Qiao Song has a wealth of teaching experience having taught at our partner university in Beijing, Beijing Dance Academy, for 15 years.

He currently overseas Chinese dance short courses with the department and performs and teaches as part of our Outreach for Schools programme.

Education Experience

2003.09 -- 2007.07 Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Classical Dance Performance, Beijing Dance Academy

(2013.09-2015.05 Masters in Dance Choreography, Beijing Dance Academy 

Work experience

2007 - 2021 Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Classical Dance department teacher

Working experience abroad

Qiao Song has worked in partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Culture on a number of international projects, including undertaking academic exchanges and performing in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar.

In 2016 and 2018 he also worked with Hong Kong Dance Company as a guest teacher and executive director, to conduct the preliminary training and performance work of "Walking for Song"

Main research achievements and awards

  1. Lead dancer and rehearsal teacher in Chinese Classical Dance Drama, Sorrows of the Tongque Stage,2009
  2. Director of Chinese Classical Dance Performance, Steping and Chanting by the invitation of Hong Kong Dance Company,2005
  3. Choreographer of Chinese Classical Dance of Han and Tang Dynasty solo, Dreaming of Tang Wan, dance duet, Momento Phoenix Hairpin and group dance, My heart always in Han dynasty.

Research Interests

Main teaching and research specialisms

Chinese classical dance repetoire from the Han and Tang dynasties


Book publicationss:

The Basic Skills of Chinese classical dance in the Han and Tang Dynasties, China Music Press (2008)

Chinese Han and Tang Classical Dance Stunt Lessons -- Enlightenment. China Music press (2019)