Course dates

Tuesday 17 Jan 2023
6 - 8:30pm | 10 weeks
Tuesday 7 Mar 2023
6pm - 8.30pm | 10 weeks
Monday 11 Sep 2023
6pm - 8.30pm | 10 weeks

Course overview

Acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to get your career in Data Science started.

Why take this course?

Skills in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly sought after by employers and they are highly transferable - making such a training a good return on investment.

The course is designed from a people centric perspective. It runs from 6-9pm and so it is easy to accommodate the course around your work. Delivered through a Python-based Web Interface.

Course Description

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data science rank as top skills required by industry globally. Demand for these skills is exceeding availability of people with the appropriate domain knowledge . As navigating through complex methods is time-consuming and challenging, selected training is important. This course de-mystifies AI and provides you the right tools and expertise to apply for jobs in Data science.

You will be introduced to a wide range of Machine Learning (ML) methods and AI based approaches, acquiring skills that are directly translatable for a career in data Science in industry today. You will learn how to develop and implement a full ML pipeline, from processing raw data to training an advanced model for a particular task.

The course will cover both the theorical and practical applications of these methods. The theoretical elements will provide a good and solid foundation, followed then by practical lab sessions to give you the confidence to use these methods on a wide range of applications in different careers.

This course is specifically designed to meet the current needs of the market and give you skills that make you attractive to employers and to pursue a career in data science.

Learning outcomes

• Familiarise yourself with ML State-of-the-art methods, and learn about some of the most cutting-edge techniques
• Understand how to translate theoretical concepts into practical applications
• Complete an AI project and gain practical experience of several ML techniques




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Booking information

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Tuesday 17 Jan 2023
6 - 8:30pm | 10 weeks
Tuesday 7 Mar 2023
6pm - 8.30pm | 10 weeks
Monday 11 Sep 2023
6pm - 8.30pm | 10 weeks


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Tutor information

Carlos Salas Najera

The course is supervised by Carlos Salas Najera,  who has more than 15 years of experience in investments, data science and machine learning. Carlos has a BSc in Economics, MSc in Finance as well as postgraduate education in Data Science and Machine Learning at the New York City Data Science Academy. He is a holder of the CFA and CQF professional investment certificates.

Carlos is an FCA-regulated C30 investment professional whose career spans investment firms such as Santander AM, BNP Paribas AM, LCAM and Jefferies International. In addition, Carlos is also deeply committed to education and research initiatives. He leads the CFA Machine Learning Working Group; and has advised the IFRS Foundation on new accounting standards.


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