Walter Benjamin London Research Network



The Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought collaborates with the Department of English and Comparative Literature, the London Graduate School at Kingston University, and Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, in a network of research and scholarly exchange related to the work of Walter Benjamin.
The network brings together scholars and research students in the London area, and facilitates the exchange of advanced, philosophical and literary-theoretical research on Benjamin between the UK, other parts of Europe, and around the world. The network is co-chaired by Julia Ng (co-director of CPCT), Josh Cohen (English and Comparative Literature), and Andrew Benjamin (LGS Kingston / Monash).
The network hosts guest lectures, workshops focused on textual analysis, along chosen themes, and student-led symposia. 
WBLRN was launched in Autumn 2015 with an inaugural lecture and workshop led by Werner Hamacher.
For further information and to propose collaborations please contact any one of the three convenors of the network. 


28 September 2017

After Benjamin

A Symposium on the Wherewithal of Political Thinking Today, hosted by the Walter Benjamin London Research Network

James Martel (San Francisco State University)
Unburied Bodies: The Power and Vulnerability of the State

Andrew Benjamin (Kingston/University of Technology, Sydney) 
Two Catastrophes? Divine Violence and Climate Change

Julia Ng (Goldsmiths)
After the Fact

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27-28 June 2017

Benjamin and Leibniz: On Expression
A Two-Day Conference hosted by CPCT, and jointly sponsored by the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) and the London Graduate School (LGS), Kingston University
Keynote: Professor Peter Fenves (Northwestern University)
Organisation: Chris Law (CPCT Goldsmiths) and Noa Levin (CRMEP) 

13-14 January 2017

Reading the Epistemo-Critical Prologue
A Workshop
Organisation: Tom Vandeputte and Chris Law (CPCT Goldsmiths)  

1-2 December 2016

Gesture: A Seminar and Workshop with Werner Hamacher
Jointly sponsored by CPCT and the Warburg Institute, University of London


20 & 28 April 2016

On Justice: Variations on a Theme Borrowed from Benjamin in 1916 
Variation I: Peter Fenves (Northwestern)
with Susannah Gottlieb and Alberto Toscano
Ben Pimlott Building Lecture Theatre Goldsmiths
Variation II: Massimiliano Tomba (Padova) 
with Andrew Benjamin and Julia Ng
Professor Stuart Hall Building LG01 Goldsmiths

11 March 2016 

Benjamin and the Literary: Romantic Forms 
A Postgraduate Conference and Workshop 
St James Hatcham Room 302 
Convened by Christopher Law 

22 & 23 October 2015

Werner Hamacher Inaugural Event
(Frankfurt am Main / EGS)
“Now: Time” 
Thursday, 22 October 2015
Richard Hoggart Building 137a Goldsmiths
The lecture was free and open to the public.
“Image and Time”
Friday, 23 October 2015, Room D111
Granary Building, Central Saint Martins
The day was split into four sessions, each devoted to a selection of short texts and excerpts. Texts under discussion were distributed ahead of the workshop in German and English. Participation in the workshop was limited.