Research archive


Our research archive containing information about some of our past research projects over the years.

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The Shehr Network

An academic initiative that seeks to further a social-historical and critical understanding of contemporary cities and urban practices in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

International Research Group on Governing cities in Africa

Law, local institutions and urban identities since 1945 African and European researchers employing different historiographical, theoretical and methodological approaches to study Cities in Africa over the past half-century.

Network Association of European Researchers on the Urban South (N-AERUS)

A collaborative research network that facilitates exchanges among researchers across the world and conjoint, comparative investigations.

Woodrow Wilson Center Immigration and Integration in Urban Communities

A network examining how immigrants negotiate with longtime residents over economic, political, cultural, and linguistic boundaries

Africa Urbanism: the theory building initiative

This project seeks to address the continued absence of theoretical work on the nature and dynamics of urbanism in African cities characterised by large swathes of informality. African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town

Living in the African City

Funded by: Swiss National Fund
A research collaboration that seeks a better comprehension on how cities, and in particular African cities, are informed and transformed by their inhabitants and how, on the other hand, the cities transform the lives of their inhabitants.

Urban Peripheries

CUCR, Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, University of California-Berkeley
A research collaboration that explores the production of urban peripheries and the contributions of the peripheries to the dynamism of the metropolis.

Inter-Referencing Asia: Urban Experiments and the Art of Being Global

CUCR, Social Science Research Council, University of California, Berkeley
A research collaboration that examines how Asian cities produce global urbanism through experiments of inter-referencing whereby urban elites borrow, copy, and articulate city-making across national borders. More information on Inter-Referencing Asia: Urban Experiments and the Art of Being Global

Making Global Cities

CUCR, Institute of Global Studies at University of Minnesota
A north-south research collaborative among scholars from diverse disciplines and geographical backgrounds to conduct research on selected mega-cities in the global South and the transnational processes that link these cities.

Space for Pan-African Research, Creation and Knowledge

A collaboration of urbanists, artists, writers, and filmmakers to create program linkages and intersections of knowledge about a wide range of secondary cities in Africa.

An Anthropology of Secondary Cities in Africa (A comparative regional analysis)

Collaborative research project examining the singular dynamics of secondary cities, with case studies from Congo, Ghana, Namibia, and Cameroon.

Art and Urbis

CUCR, Doual’art (Cameroon)
An international network of artists, architects and urbanists working on the redevelopment of urban space and the building of transdisciplinary urban cultural institutions.

Initiating Urban Cultural Studies in Cambodia

CUCR, Centre for Khmer Studies
A collaborative research and training program that attempts to document the economic and social complexions of urban districts in Cambodia.

More information on Initiating Urban Cultural Studies in Cambodia

Urban Poor Consortium

CUCR, The North Jakarta collaboration. A research and training program that works with 80 community residents of six socially and economically heterogeneous districts in North Jakarta to document local social economies and power relations as a political instrument in various restructuration efforts underway in the city.

More information on Urban Poor Consortium

Megacities Project: Problematizing the Urban (Theory, Culture and Society New Encyclopedia Project)

A collaborative publication project that envisions a set of theoretical frameworks to understand emergent conditions in what may be called the "twenty-first-century city", outside normative urban theories modelled variously on the ideas of cosmos, machines and biological bodies.

Crossroads Project

A collaborative research project that examines the remaking of urban economies in Kinshasa, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Abidjan through the elaboration of Transurban circuits of entrepreneurship, small and medium scale trade with nodes in Dubai, Bangkok, and Guangzhou.

Other projects

Active Learning for Active Citizenship - Evaluation Co-ordinator (2004- 2006)
Funded by Home Office
Researcher: Professor Marj Mayo, Dr Alison Rooke

Positive Futures Case Study Research Project (2004-2006)
Funded by Home Office
Researcher: Dr Ben Gidley

Supporting Neighbourhood Management in Lewisham (2004-2005)
Funded by Hyde Plus
Researcher: Dr Ben Gidley, Dr Luis Jimenez

Negotiating Ethical Dilemmas in Contested Communities (2003-2005)
Funded by ESRC
Researcher: Professor Marj Mayo

Local Knowlege for Local Solutions (2003)
Funded by London Borough of Southwark
Researchers: Dr Ben Gidley, Neil Spicer, Professor Marj Mayo

Pepys Community Development (2000-2005)
Funded by SRB
Researchers: Professor Michael Keith, Professor Marj Mayo, Dr Ben Gidley

Evaluating Sure Start (2002-2003)
Funded by London Borough of Lewisham
Researchers: Anan Collymore, Joanna Sadler, Ben Gidley

Building Bridges: the evaluation of Creekside Single Regeneration Budget Partnership (1997-2002)
Funded by Creekside SRB
Researchers: Professor Michael Keith, Dr Fran Tonkiss, Professor Marj Mayo, Alison Rooke, Heidi Seetzen, Dr Jean Anastacio, Dr Ben Gidley

Integrated Communities and Sustainable Regeneration: Building Community Perspectives into Evaluation and Training (1998-2000)
Funded by Joseph Rowntrees Foundation Area Regeneration Programme
Researchers: Professor Michael Keith, Professor Marj Mayo, Jean Anastacio, Danny Burns, Dr Ben Gidley

Finding the Way Home (1996-1998)
Funded by ESRC
Researchers: Professor Michael Keith, Professor Les Back, Phil Cohen

The Deptford City Challenge Evaluation Project (1993-1996)
Funded by DCC
Researchers: Professor Michael Keith, Nicolas Rose, Aileen O'Gorman, Phillippa Superville, Elsa Guzman-Flores, Fran Tonkiss