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Professor Kay Stables

Kay Stables is Emeritus Professor of Design Education. A founder member of the Technology Education Research Unit, she has directed and contributed to research projects in primary and secondary education in the UK and overseas. Recent research has focused on design, creativity and sustainable development, designerly well-being and digital tools in assessment including creating dialogic frameworks for supporting the development of design capability in digital environments through the use of on-screen avatars. Her current research is focusing on alternative approaches to design and technology education in schools that go beyond mainstream, Eurocentric models.

Recent publications include Stables & Keirl, 2015, Environment, Ethics and Cultures: Design and Technology Education’s contribution to sustainable global futures (Sense) and Williams and Stables, 2017, Critique in Design and Technology Education (Springer).

She is a Trustee of the Design and Technology Association and Editor of Design and Technology Education: An International Journal an open source research journal that provides a broad and inclusive platform for research into design education and technology education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Research Interests

Kay Stables’ research interests stem from her belief that a defining characteristic of being human is design capability.  Her teaching and research has at its core the development of this capability from the very youngest learners upwards, acknowledging Sen’s definition of capability as what a person can be (their beliefs) and what a person can do (their agency).  This stance drives her interest in the wellbeing of the designer in everyone and how this can be developed through education.  A major focus in her work has been how we understand this capability and its development, which has centred much of her research on authentic, performance based assessment of capability. A belief in the importance of social and cultural relevance is fuelling her current interest in alternative perspectives, beyond mainstream Eurocentric ideas of knowledge, knowing and doing, that can bring more pluralistic contributions to mainstream education.



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Conference or Workshop Item

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Book Section

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Edited Book

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