Mike Vanis

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PositionCreative Technologist, Interaction Research Studio
Department Design
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Mike Vanis

Mike Vanis is the Interaction Research Studio’s creative technologist. He has a background in interaction design, electronic engineering and computer science. His work experience spans across speculative practice, installation design, product design, and design for manufacture.  By placing people at the centre of his work, Mike uses appropriate technologies and design to empower individuals. Mike has a broad portfolio of work including technology kits for young people, academic and industry research projects, and communication technologies. He is an experienced tutor who occasionally teaches MA students, but also runs workshops for the general public.


Conference or Workshop Item

ProbeTool Cam: A Work in Progress Research Prototype
Boucher, Andy; Gaver, William; Ovalle, Liliana and Vanis, Michail. 2016. 'ProbeTool Cam: A Work in Progress Research Prototype'. In: CHI 2016. California, United States 7 - 12 May 2016.

DIY Gamer Kit: An Open Ended Product
Vanis, Michail. 2016. 'DIY Gamer Kit: An Open Ended Product'. In: Object Outcomes: Attending to Objects as Outcomes of Design Research. CHI 2016, United States.