Terry Rosenberg

Staff details

Position Senior Lecturer in Design
Department Design
Email t.rosenberg (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7793
Terry Rosenberg


BA Design, MA Design – Critical Practice, MRes in Design, MPhil/PhD

Areas of supervision

Rosenberg’s research student supervision is located in the following broadly defined areas: Ideational strategies; design methods and processes; drawing; spaces of design thinking; critical practice; mapping and technologies of visioning, cultures of design and designing as cultural production.

Research Interests

Rosenberg’s research is produced around four locating foci.
The first is into design thinking – in practice. This research has been produced looking at two axes within design thinking – poetic and ethical. The poetic is conceived as that which makes ‘other’ and the ethical is for an ‘Other’.  This research has produced writings and maps of design practice and also innovation workshops for industry. Recently Rosenberg (with colleague Mike Waller) has started to design interactive software for teams engaged in “building prospects” based on these maps.
The second focus is linked to the first but is on ‘criticality’ in design. The thrust of this area of research is to look into the way critique (the critical) may draw together “use” (project) and “discourse” (programme). This research also looks at “context” as a conditioner of the design object. The research dissemination has been through conference papers and an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum exploring the use–discursivity dialectic.
The third focus draws the other two foci into practice. The research, through – or as – practice, addresses the ‘critical object’ of design. The current Leverhulme research project, the Mediatised View, (the design of viewing devices for the ‘Eye’ ) raises discussions into the politics of authorship in virtual and actual spaces, and questions the veridical construction of the image amongst other things.
The fourth focus is on representation, not of design thinking (as in the first focus), but representation as used in the process of designing. In the first instance this research is into drawing, but also recently has moved to include modelling of various kinds. The output has been a published book on drawing, revised and re-issued in 2003. Rosenberg is working with colleagues in Australia (UTS, RMIT, COFA) and New Zealand (Univ. of Aukland) on publishing writings across divers practices on the notion of  ‘material thinking’. He has also recently completed a chapter for a book on ideational drawing. This brings the research described in the first and last research foci together.



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Conference or Workshop Item

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Book Section

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Edited Book

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