A woodcut depicting disability in Medieval times.

Disability Research Centre

Promoting and conducting high quality research about disability in society.


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We're an interdisciplinary specialist research grouping that promotes and conducts high quality research about disability in society.

Goldsmiths expertise in creativity, arts practice, technology and design, mental health and well being, offer resources through which Centre members contribute to Disability Studies. The Disability Research Centre (DRC) is jointly run by Educational Studies and Sociology and brings together academics from several different departments including Theatre and Performance, Media and Communications, Psychology, and Music

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About the Centre

The DRC is characterised by a diversity of innovative research related to disability and society. This includes, but is not restricted to: disability cultures; disability, pedagogy and cultural representations; disability and the designed environment; urbanism and multisensory experience; digital inclusion, usability and accessibility; disability and multilingualism; mobility, movement and social exclusion; universal design and design for all; sonic arts, sound design, and soundscape studies; Assistive Learning Technologies for the Deaf; disability and cultural production; mental well being, independence and social functioning; neuro-developmental disorder and everyday life; and, life adversity and mental illness.

The DRC actively promotes the rights of disabled people, and undertakes research that highlights the endemic disablism within society, which is evident in the socio-institutional make up of society, and through social and cultural representations and practices.

The distinctiveness of the DRC, in comparison with other such centres in the UK, is that it neither subscribes to a social model of disability nor to a medical one, but rather is committed to developing theory and scholarship out of the impasse that each represents by exploring new theoretical departures and modes of inquiry.

In this respect, the DRC will build upon the theoretical diversity at Goldsmiths, ranging from feminist cultural theory to STS, Marxism and post-colonialism, and be open to different lines of inquiry that enable innovative ideas to emerge.

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