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Core - Improving Your Search Strategies for Finding Resources

Student workshop

A more advanced workshop building on the basic Introduction to Finding Resources and Referencing workshop. We will help you to identify appropriate subject-specific journal article databases in your area of interest. (Note: we will not be covering advanced referencing or Zotero).

  • Understand the limitations of Library Search and be able to find and access journal articles when using the ‘Include non full-text results’ filter
  • Construct a search in a subject-specific academic database
  • Use advanced techniques to narrow and filter results for relevance
  • Understand the role and use of a thesaurus in a subject-specific database, if available
  • Know how to set about obtaining articles you may need from journals that Goldsmiths does not subscribe to, including using other libraries and inter library loans


Recommended for 3rd year Undergraduates and Postgraduate students or anyone already confident with finding resources using Library Search.

90 min workshop

11:00 AM on Mon, 15 January, Rutherford Building 008 (The Library) - Book here
11:00 AM on Wed, 14 March, Rutherford Building 008 (The Library) - Book here

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If you would like to know more please email: academicskills (

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