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Exam revision

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Learn how to prepare and to do your best in exams

One to One sessions

In addition to our workshops below you can meet with specialist study skills tutors who can help you with all aspects of academic work. 

Associative Memory Strategies

A workshop demonstrating different techniques to make your revision more relevant to you.

  • How to engage/interact with your revision material
  • How to make associations between new and old information

90 min workshop

Recommended for students with written exams.

2:00 PM on Mon, 6 March, RHB308 - Book here

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Putting Revision into Practice

A follow-up to the Getting Ready for Exams workshop. Ideally, students should attend with at least one revision topic or a past exam paper in order to explore methods of revision which can be applied to other topics. 

  • Exploring methods of revision
  • Different approaches to exam questions/answers
  • Creating a timed essay plan/outline

90 min workshop

All students required to sit exams

2:00 PM on Wed, 22 February, RHB 140 - Book here
10:30 PM on Fri, 10 March, RHB 144 - Book here
3:30 PM on Thu, 23 March, RHB 143 - Book here

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