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PAL - Peer Assisted Learning

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Student-led support to help with your studying

PAL stands for Peer Assisted Learning. PAL provides regular weekly review session where Leaders introduce activities tailored to your study needs.

It's a safe and confidential space where you can feel comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes, and receive advice and support from students who have been in the same position.

Benefits of PAL

  • Research shows that regular attendance significantly improves grades
  • It's also been shown that one hour of face-to-face PAL is equivalent of up to three hours of solo study. So, if like most students you’re busy, PAL helps you make the most of your study time!
  • It’s a safe space for questioning, making mistakes and building confidence. You will also develop strategies for effective study habits.
  • Attending the sessions are informal is a great way of making sure you have understood the material taught that week.
  • It's also a really good way to make friends with other students on your course and to find out early in the term what Goldsmiths expects of you.

PAL Leaders

PAL Leaders are continuing students who previously completed the same modules of study. They are a great resource as they've recently been at the same stage of their studies as you.

PAL Leaders have been trained to facilitate PAL sessions. Leaders encourage students to improve their understanding of course material by reviewing and discussing important concepts in a group setting. Leaders also develop sessions which model effective learning that will help you master course content on your own.

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