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Beth Guilding


Beth Guilding passed her PhD with no corrections in December 2016.  She is currently preparing her thesis, Towards the Impossibility of Childhood: Maurice Blanchot’s ‘(A primal scene?)’, for publication as a monograph. 

Academic qualifications

PhD, Goldsmiths

MA, Goldsmiths

BA, Goldsmiths 


Approaches to Text and Literature in Question: Writing Since World War Two. 


Research Interests

Beth’s primary research interests include the works of Blanchot, Levinas, Louis-René des Forêts, Freud, Leclaire, Lacoue-Labarthe and Jean-Luc Nancy, with a specific emphasis on figurations of childhood in Twentieth Century philosophy and literature. Beth is also an invited member of the International Network of Comparative Humanities (INCH), funded by Princeton University and the University of Notre Dame.