Dr Uttara Natarajan

Staff details

PositionReader in English Literature
Email u.natarajan (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone+44 (0)20 7919 7435
Dr Uttara Natarajan

Academic qualifications

  • B.Sc. Mathematics, University of Madras, 1986
  • BA (Hons), Cambridge University, 1988
  • M.Phil, English Romantic Studies, Oxford University, 1991
  • D.Phil., Oxford University, 1995
  • Research Fellow, University of Liverpool, 1996-99 


Dr Uttara Natarajan currently convenes ‘Literary London, c. 1800-1900'.  She also teaches on 'Literature of the Victorian Period', 'Sensibility and Romanticism' and 'Shakespeare'.

She was appointed at Goldsmiths in 1999.

Areas of supervision

William Hazlitt; William Morris; Charles Dickens; Augusta Webster

Research Interests

My research interests are primarily in the area of Romantic and Victorian literature, especially non-fictional prose and the history of ideas. I have a particular expertise in the writings of the early nineteenth-century critic, William Hazlitt.  I am currently studying the transmission of Romantic models in Victorian aesthetics and criticism, and have published on Hazlitt, Keats, Shelley, Ruskin, Dickens, and Pater.  Another (unrelated) area of study is south Indian culture and caste politics.



Hazlitt and the Reach of Sense
Natarajan, Uttara. 1998. Hazlitt and the Reach of Sense. Oxford: Clarendon Press. ISBN 978-0198184379

Edited Book

Metaphysical Hazlitt: Bicentenary Essays
Natarajan, Uttara; Paulin, Tom and Wu, Duncan, eds. 2015. Metaphysical Hazlitt: Bicentenary Essays. London: Routledge. ISBN 978-1138010253

The Romantic Poets: A Guide to Criticism
Natarajan, Uttara, ed. 2007. The Romantic Poets: A Guide to Criticism. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978-0631229315

Plain Speaking: A Sudra’s Story
Natarajan, Uttara, ed. 2007. Plain Speaking: A Sudra’s Story. Delhi: Permanent Black. ISBN 978-8178241814

Book Section

William Hazlitt
Natarajan, Uttara. 2010. William Hazlitt. In: Adrian Poole, ed. Great Shakespeareans, Volume IV: Lamb, Hazlitt, Keats. 4 London: Continuum, pp. 64-108. ISBN 9780826424365

Circle of Sympathy: Shelley's Hazlitt
Natarajan, Uttara. 2005. Circle of Sympathy: Shelley's Hazlitt. In: Uttara Natarajan; Tom Paulin and Duncan Wu, eds. Metaphysical Hazlitt: Bicentenary Essays. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 111-122. ISBN 9781138010253


Ruskin on Imagination: A Via Negativa
Natarajan, Uttara. 2017. Ruskin on Imagination: A Via Negativa. Philological Quarterly,

The Spirit of His Age: Hazlitt and Pater on Lamb
Natarajan, Uttara. 2012. The Spirit of His Age: Hazlitt and Pater on Lamb. Nineteenth-Century Literature, 66(4), pp. 449-64. ISSN 0891-9356

Hazlitt's Common Sense
Natarajan, Uttara. 2009. Hazlitt's Common Sense. Nineteenth-Century Prose, 36(1), pp. 13-26. ISSN 1052-0406

Pater and the genealogy of Hardy's modernity
Natarajan, Uttara. 2006. Pater and the genealogy of Hardy's modernity. SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, 46(4), pp. 849-61. ISSN 1522 9270

The veil of familiarity: Romantic philosophy and the familiar essay
Natarajan, Uttara. 2003. The veil of familiarity: Romantic philosophy and the familiar essay. Studies in Romanticism, 42(1), pp. 27-44. ISSN 00393762