Postgraduate programmes


Postgraduate students contribute vitally to the research culture of the Department, invigorating and refreshing thinking about several literatures in English and in other European languages.

In addition, a significant number of postgraduate students contribute directly to some of those literatures, as creative writers. More than 40 members of staff offer supervision in a broad array of research and writing specialties, from Old English literature to twenty-first century literatures in English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic, to linguistics, translation and creative writing.

Postgraduate students are engaged in specific MA programmes or on their own topics of research in the MRes or MPhil/PhD programmes, but they also constitute an intellectual community within the Department. This community is constellated around the Department’s Research Seminar, GLITS, which meets weekly during term time and is also a social occasion for students and staff.

There are more than 70 postgraduate research students currently pursuing MPhil/PhD programmes in the domains of literary or linguistic studies or in creative writing. The range of their topics and methodologies is very broad, as the titles of recent, successful PhD theses together indicate. Around 100 students are studying on the MA and MRes programmes. Some students are engaged in their studies on a part-time basis, and some are full-time.

Departmental facilities

Postgraduate students in Goldsmiths’ Department of English & Comparative Literature benefit from numerous facilities. As well as the opportunity to work with leading scholars and creative writers, whose published work is recognised and cited internationally, these facilities include:

  • research training in the Department, College, University of London and the CHASE partnership
  • research libraries across the University of London and at the British Library
  • bursaries and scholarships available on a competitive basis
  • financial support to help you present your work at conferences, and for training and development
  • internationally acclaimed scholars and theorists at The Richard Hoggart Lectures in Literature
  • world-renowned writers at events organsied by the Writers' Centre, including the shortlist and winner of the Goldsmiths Prize for 'fiction at its most novel'
  • GLITS Research Seminar and the Graduate School’s Interdisciplinary Seminar
  • LINKS Research Seminars and conferences
  • workshops and seminars at the School of Advanced Study, including the Institute of English Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages Research
  • opportunities to publish your work in the GLITS-e or Goldfish online journals
  • the Graduate School’s academic and social resources
  • a range of conferences organised within the Department, the College and the University
  • career development advice and opportunities
  • computing facilities and advice at the Rutherford Information Services Building
  • an informal culture of intellectual experimentation and rigorous critical debate.

MA students: see Goldsmiths' Excellence Fee Waiver and Alumni Fee Waivers

MA and MPhil/PhD students, see the Department's funding opportunities


Our postgraduate programmes

Degree listing

MA in Black British Writing

This new and unique Masters importantly addresses black writing as a continuum. Its heritage in British culture is considered along a trajectory marked by historical presences as connecting with migratory, indigenous and global perspectives.

  • Theatre and Performance

MA in Children's Literature

This exciting new programme is ideal if you have an interest in the academic study of children’s literature, or work in education (e.g. as a teacher or librarian), publishing or children's media. It's also aimed at authors and illustrators who want to create texts for children.

  • Educational Studies

MA in Creative & Life Writing

This programme is designed to meet the needs of committed students who are interested in exploring and exploiting their own possibilities as writers, and in critically examining their own writing. It is unique in combining creative and life writing in a stimulating and enriching programme.

  • English and Comparative Literature

MA in Creative Writing and Education

The MA in Creative Writing and Education has been designed for writers of poetry, fiction and life-writing who are interested in education and learning. If you are keen to publish your own writing or you're looking to use your creative writing to help people learn or just developing your skills and knowledge then this programme could be right for you.

  • Educational Studies

MA in Literary Studies

This exciting, intellectually rigorous programme gives you the opportunity to develop the study of literature from a variety of perspectives through a number of flexible pathways.

  • English and Comparative Literature

MA in Literary Studies: Pathway in Critical Theory

This pathway of the MA in Literary Studies enables you to study, principally through its core module Theories of Literature and Culture, a range of theoretical issues, currents and thinkers in literary and cultural theory from the turn of the twentieth century to the present day.

  • English and Comparative Literature

MA in Multilingualism, Linguistics & Education

The MA in Multilingualism, Linguistics and Education is an applied linguistics programme with an emphasis on diversity, both linguistic and cultural diversity, which also provides a solid understanding of the theoretical and practical issues that arise in multilingual and intercultural educational settings.

  • English and Comparative Literature

MA in Sociocultural Linguistics

This programme looks at language from a sociocultural perspective. It's designed for anyone with an interest in the relationship between language, culture and society but also provides a solid understanding of English language and linguistics.

  • English and Comparative Literature

MA in Translation

This programme responds to the increasing need in a globalised, interconnected world for highly qualified translators who can navigate different genres of text and negotiate the language needs of diverse audiences and industries.

  • English and Comparative Literature

MPhil & PhD in Creative Writing

The inter-relationship between theory, scholarship and the creative process is key to the Goldsmiths MPhil/PhD in Creative Writing.

  • English and Comparative Literature

MRes in English

This MRes prepares you for more advanced research projects at MPhil/PhD level, but is also a degree in its own right. It's ideal if you're considering a 'taster' year of research, or if you're keen to complete shorter term research at graduate level. 

  • English and Comparative Literature

MA in Literary Studies: Pathway in Literature of the Caribbean & its Diasporas

This pathway of the MA in Literary Studies aims to introduce you to a wide range of texts and issues in the literature of the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora to highlight significant movements relative to the social, political and historical contexts impacting upon these new literatures.

  • English and Comparative Literature

MA in Literary Studies: Pathway in Shakespeare: Early & Modern

This pathway of the MA in Literary Studies is ideal if you’re keen to study Shakespeare at an advanced level. Centred on Shakespeare and early modern literature and culture, you’ll also explore the reception and performance of Shakespeare in later times.

  • English and Comparative Literature