GLITS 2017-18



When: Thursdays, 6pm

Where: Warmington Tower, Seminar Room A.  


Date Details
11 Jan Caroline Blinder (Goldsmiths) "Here I am": The Vernacular Vision of Langston Hughes and Roy DeCarava in The Sweet Flypaper of Life (1955)
18 Jan  Laura Gibbs (Goldsmiths) In the Wake of Trauma: Exploring Exilic Identity Through James Joyce's Denouement of Narrative Fetishism 
25 Jan  Daniel O'Sullivan (Goldsmiths)  Decadence, Drag and the Modern Galatea 
1 Feb  Frank Krause (Goldsmiths) Innovative Smell-Sound Synaesthesiae: Diagnosis of Social Life in German Literature (1900-1930)  
8 Feb  Nicole King (Goldsmiths) Childhook, Race, and Violence in Reginald McKnight's The White Boys 
22 Feb  Lorna Elcock (Goldsmiths) Reading from The White Sail 
1 Mar  Arman Teymouri Niknam (Aarhus University) Trust in Literature: The Manifold Ways of Trust in Mary Wollstonecraft's Literature
8 Mar Philippa Campbell (Goldsmiths)  Unrealistic Expectations: Genre Subversion in Contemporary Academic Fiction
15 Mar  Alex Vann (Goldsmiths) On the Bodily Highway: The Techno-Sexual Drives of Post-Modernism in J.G. Ballards' Crash 
  Jacinta Read (Goldsmiths) Religious Memoir in a Secular Age 
22 Mar  Amelia Gentile (Goldsmiths) Academic Journeys: The Ethical Dimension of Interpretation.  End of term Party