GLITS 2018-19



WTA (Ground floor room of Warmington Tower) every Thursday, 6-8pm

GLITS Spring Programme 2019

Date Details
24 Jan 

Kate Venables (Goldsmiths) ‘A First-Class Man’: looking for a structure 


Dr Natasha Periyan (University of Kent) 'The Politics of 1930s British Literature: Education, Class, Gender'

7 Feb

Filippo Ursitti (Goldsmiths) ‘Revisiting the philosophical contribution of G. Anders through a qualitative comparison with T. W. Adorno in a transmethodological approach’


Dr Carole Sweeny (Goldsmiths), Dr Ruth Cruickshank (Royal Holloway), Dr Niall Sreenan (Kings College London), Dr Russell Williams (American University at Paris) Launch of a special issue of Modern and Contemporary France: ‘La France ce n'est pas Michel Houellebecq’

28 Feb 

Mina Radovic (Goldsmiths) and Andrea Gelardi ‘Songs from the Battlefield: Disrupting the Cinematic Narrative of War’

7 Mar

Dr Jackie Rattray (Goldsmiths) Title TBC

14 Mar

Dr Sophie Corser (Goldsmiths) Cockles and '?': James Joyce's Ulysses and the processes of literary criticism

21 Mar

Razan Alsaket (Goldsmiths) A Comparative Study of female Bildungsromane by Arab-British Women Writers and Their British Predecessors

28 Mar 

Liberating Cinema





GLITS Autumn Programme 2018

Date Details
18 Oct  Isabelle Jerome (Goldsmiths): Sleeping through the Occupation: how Paris remained intact after the war
25 Oct  Philippa Campbell (Goldsmiths): Philosophy and Narrative: A New Approach; A New Understanding
1 Nov Dr Edward Luker: Refusal and Re-fusing: the social life of the experimental lyric poem
15 Nov Eliot Mason (Kings College London): Pussy Riot and the Queerest of the Queer 
22 Nov  Joan Andzeuh Nche (Goldsmiths): The poetics of land in some selected works of Derek Walcott and Dennis Brutus
29 Nov  James Nixon (Goldsmiths): Ghost Frequency: Speculation on a hauntological poetics 
6 Dec  Ana Nenadovic (Freie Universität Berlin) ; Between Silence and Enunciation: Representations of sexual violence against women in Latin America and South Africa 
13 Dec  GLITS CHRISTMAS PARTY: Submissions are open to graduate and postgraduate students for readings of creative writing to celebrate Christmas and a successful Autumn programme.   Email: