GLITS Conference 2014

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Goldsmiths Literature Seminar presents the Annual GLITS Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference:

Textual Embodiment: Literature, the Body and Psychoanalysis

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Keynote Speakers: Prof. Naomi Segal (Birkbeck) and Prof. Josh Cohen (Goldsmiths)

Attendance is free of charge

Conference organiser: Monika Loewy

Dept of English & Comparative Literature
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross
London, SE14 6NW

Venue: Small Cinema, Richard Hoggart Building 

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Peter Brooks tells us that 'we constitute ourselves as human subjects in part through our fictions and therefore that the study of human fiction-making and the study of psychic process are convergent activities and superimposable forms of analysis' (Brooks, The Idea of a Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism, 341). Here Brooks invites a reflection on how individuals are structured both physically and psychically through language through reading, writing, images, and fiction.

The central theme of this conference is about how the literary text and the soma interlink. We are interested in sharing thoughts about how the body is composed as a fiction and through fiction, and how fiction is created as and through the body.

Textual embodiment conjures ideas about how bodies of literature are written and read. Furthermore, it raises notions about how reading and writing affect the individual both physically and psychically. Textual endeavors may alter the way a person imagines herself, how she feels and acts, how she is constructed.

Psychoanalysis has always been concerned with what everyday language and gestures can tell us about our internal selves. Moreover there is a parallel between how the analyst/analysand and reader/writer exchanges may modify one’s psychic and somatic constitution. In light of these concepts, we’re interested in how physical and psychical signs and fictions are inscribed upon the body.