PhD Completions Since 2010


Implementing an early childhood curriculum in different cultural contexts: an ethnographic study of Arabic early literacy practices in a Saudi Arabian preschool, Hanadi Alothman (2017)

Youth forums in Contemporary Art Museums - Mapping Untimely Entanglements, Carolina Carvalho Palma da Silva (2017)

An Assessment Framework of Communicative Proficiency in the Light of Diglossia, Rahaf Alabar (2017)

Surgeon Education, Engaging with the Immancence of Events of Practice: An Exploration of the Ontological and Ethical Dimensions of Surgical Training and Practice, Arunthathi Oormila Mahendran (2017)

A Critical Analysis of Artists' Engagement with Education Programmes at Tate from 1968-2015, as drawn from the archive, Ayesha Ghanchi (2016)

Education as Mutual Translation: A Yoruba and Vedantic Interface for Art School Pedagogy, Ranjana Thapalyal Hyland (2016)

Teaching and Learning Britishness: Encountering and negotiating discourses of identities and belongings through critical pedagogy, Sadia Habib (2016)

Race, Whiteness and the curriculum: Deconstructing everyday processes of racialization in postcolonial England, and their structured invisibility, Fiona O’Rourke (2016)

A Well-Founded Fear: children's literature about refugees and its role in the primary classroom, Julia Hope (2015)

Family Jigsaws: How intergenerational relationships between grandparents, parents, and children impact on the learning that takes place between the generations, and how this contributes to the child's learning experiences at home and at school, Ruby Mahera (2015)

Making 'Culture Vultures': An investigation into socio-cultural factors that determine what and how young people learn in the art gallery, Esther Sayers (2014)

Family Language Histories: Three generations of Greek Cypriot origin in London, Nikoula Floka (2014)

What Do You Need To Know To Design A Teacher Education Project? An analysis of how teacher education projects are implemented in Cambodia against a backdrop of global policy and local contexts, Jane Courtney (2014)

Making a better life: The stories of people from poor rural backgrounds in Sindh, Pakistan, Ambreen Shahriar (2013)

A critical analysis of Korean art educators’ perceptions of the purpose and meaning of teaching art in the specific socio-cultural context, Okhee Jeong (2013)

Cross-Cultural Friendships between Non-Native Speakers of Japanese and Japanese University Students in Tokyo, Sachie Saito (2013)

How can the applied philosophy of Sartrean free-will and Foucauldian negotiated autonomy assist in creating proactive learning experiences in art education,Miranda Matthews (2012)

Place and belonging: Ways of knowing and learning in the Australian bush, Tara Page (2012)

Schools at Home: Parental Support for Learning Mandarin as a Second or Foreign Language, Yu-Chiao Chung (2012)

An investigation into the problems involved in implementation of a suggested Strategic Planning model for schools in Saudi Arabia, Ahmad Makhdoom (2012)

When what hurts us, saves us: The formation of subjectivity in adults that identify themselves as Dyslexic, Naomi Folb (2011)

Looking for a subject: art therapy and assessment in autism., Robin Anthony Tipple (2011)

How might the Twi language act as mediator of learning in primary schools in Ghana? Amoafi Kwapong (2011)

The development of a Br-Islamic identity: third generation Bangladeshis from East London, Aminul Hoque (2011)

The causes and effects of permanent exclusion from school: Policy and practice in an urban children's services department, Anna Carlile (2011)

Artist teacher identities: An autobiographical exploration of gendered identity construction, Wendy Hyde (2011)

TEO - The role and function of an oral text editor in language learning in a multilingual context, Gerard Gretsch (2011)

The meanings of inclusion in cross-cultural contexts: Exploring the experiences of adult learners and teachers in two FE colleges in the London area, John Igbinomwanhia (2010)

Bombing of Poems: Poetics of a plural event, Christobal Bianchi (2010)

Girlhood, sport and physical activity: the construction of young femininities in the transition to secondary school, Sheryl Clarke, (2010)

A Clumsy encounter: The Dyspraxic Ideal meets Drawing from Observation as an Official and Discriminatory Discourse, Clare Penketh (2010)