Visiting and Associate Tutors

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A list and biographies of our current visiting and associate tutors.


John Clay

Visiting and Associate Tutor

John Clay qualified as a chemistry teacher and taught science in London schools for over 10 years.

Kevin Davidson

Visiting and Associate Tutor
k.davidson (

Kevin Campbell Davidson is a researcher and lecturer in the field of educational studies, where his primary interests centre around the intersection between play, creativity, physical development and cognitive function in the Early Years and Primary schooling. Kevin is also interested in organisational development, design for open-ended play, the implementation of emerging technologies in education and how these can be harnessed to augment the human dimension to learning experiences. 

Nora Razian

Visiting and Associate Tutor

Nora Razian is a curator and community educator. From Beirut Lebanon, she now works with Tate learning and has established a practice framed by social engagement.

Michaela Ross

Visiting and Associate Tutor

Michaela Ross is an artist and lecturer currently working towards a PhD at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Photo of Pat Mahony

Pat Mahony

Visiting Professor
p.mahony (

Researcher in Social Justice and Teacher Education

Photo of Gaby Weiner

Gaby Weiner

Visiting and Associate Tutor

Gaby Weiner is Visiting Research Fellow at Goldsmiths.

Photo of Dr Yu-chiao Chung

Dr Yu-chiao Chung

Visiting Research Fellow
Yu-Chiao.Chung (

Yu-chiao is Visiting Research Fellow in the department of Education.