Professor Rosalyn George

Rosalyn's research interests coalesce around issues of social justice and equity in schools and Higher Education.

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Professor Rosalyn George


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Educational Studies

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Rosalyn George is a Professor of Education and Equality. She is a tutor on the MA: Culture, Language and Identity and leads the module on Masculinities and Femininities. Rosalyn is also the Director of the Research Centre for Identities and Social Justice. 


Before entering Higher Education, Rosalyn taught in both primary and middle schools in London and was an LEA Advisory Teacher for Equal Opportunities.

She supervises MPhil/PhD students covering a range of research fields. Please contact Rosalyn for PhD vacancies.

Professional projects

Rosalyn's research interests coalesce around issues of social justice and equity in the contexts of schools and Higher Education and focus on three areas.

Firstly, she is particularly interested in exploring urban girls’ friendship networks and schooling. The diversity of ethnicities found in large urban communities and how the girls manage and negotiate their friendships across ethnic divisions. This has been a central plank of her research. She focuses on the constitution of the friendship groups with questions of ‘leadership’ and ‘popularity’,’ race’ and ethnicity and ‘bullying’ being explored and their resonance for the ‘exclusionary’ and ‘inclusionary’ practices which characterise many friendship groups examined. How parents and carers are involved in their girls’ schooling is an extension of this work.

A second research focus is concerned with schooling experience of the children of newly arrived Romanian and Bulgarian families. This research explores how ‘xeno racist’ attitudes develop in school students and the extent to which school policies and practices with respect to racism support inclusion and social justice for all.

Rosalyn also critiques and publishes in the area of UK Government Education policy with a particular focus on routes into Teaching Education/Training.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Greenan, Althea; George, Rosalyn P.; Joncus, Berta; Richmond, Vivienne and Wolf, Nicole. 2014. 'Feminism@Goldsmiths'. In: Feminism@Goldsmiths. Goldsmiths, Universirty of London, United Kingdom.