Alison Griffiths

Staff details

Position Head of Initial Teacher Education
Department Educational Studies
Email a.griffiths (
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7350

Alison Griffiths is Head of Initial Teacher Education. She has worked in Higher Education since 2004 and has been at Goldsmiths since September 2008.

Alison’s research interests centre on diversity. She has placed a particular focus on strategies to best prepare students with little experience of diversity to work in today’s diverse classrooms. In addition, she is interested in the area of creativity and has a particular interest in creative strategies for enthusing and inspiring pupils to write creatively.


Alison has extensive experience in primary schools. She has taught in a range of schools in North Wales and London, taking the roles of class teacher, year group leader, literacy coordinator and senior manager. Throughout her time in school she worked with advisory teachers and educational consultants in resource development and provision of training.

At Goldsmiths, Alison is also part of the partnership development team where she has a role in developing documentation, placing students and moderating progress. In her role as moderating tutor she works with tutors, schools and students ensuring that judgments are consistent and procedures are followed. In addition she is involved in mentor training.



Conference or Workshop Item

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