Amanda Kipling

Amanda researches the healing nature of the arts in schools, which forms the basis of her doctoral study.

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Educational Studies


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Amanda joined Goldsmiths in 2008 as PGCE programme leader for Drama. She has experience both as Senior Tutor and Disability Officer. Within the Department of Educational Studies, Amanda currently coordinates the developmental Dyslexia Awareness Project and continues to develop the use of professional electronic portfolios.

Collaborative links are enjoyed with the Department of Theatre and Performance involving research activities and a joint conference with the Centre for Arts and Learning.

Outside college Amanda is Chair of London Drama, the profession association for Drama teachers in London. She is an ambassador for the College of Teaching and works collaboratively with the Mousetrap Association, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Court.

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

Kipling, Amanda and Hickey-Moody, Anna Catherine. 2015. The Practice of Dorothy Heathcote as a Pedagogy of Resistance. In: Anna Hickey Moody and Tara Page, eds. Arts, Pedagogy and Cultural Resistance: New Materialisms. London: Rowman and Littlefield. ISBN 978-1783484874


Kipling, Amanda. 2020. 'But I knew better': Permeating the Correlationist Membrane in the Drama Classroom. Drama Research: International Journal of Drama in Education, 11(1),

Kipling, Amanda. 2018. How can Dorothy Heathcote's Praxis serve as a Channel for Healing in the Drama Classroom? Drama Research, 9(1), ISSN 2040-2228

Kipling, Amanda. 2017. The Praxis of Dorothy Heathcote: A Paradigm in its own Right? Andragogical Studies, 2, pp. 79-88. ISSN 0354–5415

Research Interests

Amanda's main research interests include the healing nature of the arts in schools and this is the basis of her current doctoral study.