Bespoke Professional Development for Schools


We create bespoke professional development to meet specific needs, enable you to involve groups of participants, promote collaborative professional learning.

We work with a range of organisations (schools, charities, local authorities, resource centres, development centres, ...). We have supported over 25 organisations so far across London in Bexley Brent, Bromley, Croydon, Essex, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Newham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

Examples of support provided:

  • Developing a research culture amongst the staff;
  • Quality assuring AS level equivalent exam papers;
  • Investigating teaching and learning issues;
  • The impact of paperless classrooms on student progress;
  • The impact of collaboration on pupil progress;
  • The impact of the environment on learning;
  • The importance of action research in the classroom;
  • Race, Equality and Equity Project;
  • Better understand biases (race, gender, class, ...);
  • Reflective practice, how to develop skills and embed deep reflection;
  • Research cycles and projects outline;
  • Collecting data - how, when and what?
  • Evaluate, adjust and repeat;
  • Evaluate and disseminate;
  • Using action research to encourage reflection and collaborative inquiry;
  • Behaviour management, inclusion and child protection;
  • Behaviour management training for school midday supervisors;
  • Creative computing for beginners (Primary);
  • Digital research club;
  • Focus on child-initiated play and adults role in Early Years;
  • E-safety in action for primary schools;
  • Introduction to teaching languages;
  • Planning to teach languages;
  • Assessing languages;
  • Using stories to learn a language;
  • Languages and motivating students to write;
  • Languages curriculum review;
  • Inclusion and transgender children in school;
  • Primary NQT Training;
  • Primary Mentor Training;
  • Primary MFL and Creative Writing;
  • Report to governors for Ofsted evidence;
  • Masters Levels CPD modules;
  • Secondary NQT Training;
  • Secondary Mentor Training;
  • Subject Knowledge in Maths, Science, Languages, ICT;
  • Strength in diversity;
  • Vertical tutor group system: strengths, challenges and aspirations;
  • Voice workshops;
  • Youth voice student researchers programme;
  • Community and Voluntary Sector Research Programme.

Our staff are drawn from a wide range of professional and educational backgrounds, which supports a diverse and exciting educational experience and provides a broad research profile. This list is not exclusive so please let us know which areas of expertise you are interested in. 

How to Apply


For more information, please contact teacherscentre (


Bespoke consultancy starts at £160 per hour for up to 20 participants.
Goldsmiths partnership schools benefit from a 10% discount.

Feedback from our clients


Focus on child-initiated play and adults role in Early Years (2019)

Focus on child-initiated play and adults role in Early Years (2019)

The facilitator was really interesting and it was great to learn about her experiences in educational settings around the world. I found it refreshing to hear from someone that is passionate about Early Years and to acknowledge the importance of play and the development and progress made through play. I could have continued discussing our experiences and the ways these connect to the stages of development for hours. Informative and really enjoyable. (Waltham Forest).

Creative Writing and Languages (2017)

Creative Writing and Languages (2017)

Thank you very much. Content excellent and pertinent. Really helpful and inspiring. Thank you. It was helpful to think about the GCSE targets. As a non-specialist, it is all a bit daunting! (Croydon).