Understanding and Teaching Mathematics


A practical course for Primary teachers aimed at KS1 and KS2 teachers who want to deepen their mathematics subject knowledge.

The course will draw on evidence-based pedagogical techniques and approaches. A particular focus will be given to developing pupils’ skills in arithmetic and reasoning. Participants will be encouraged to work at their own pace and level to develop their confidence and deepen their conceptual understanding of mathematics. 

Sessions will be interactive and practical. There will be space to reflect and ask questions. It is anticipated that participants will be able to contribute to the design of the mathematics mastery curriculum of their respective schools. Sessions will also involve participants in reflecting on how common approaches to teaching mathematics can be disseminated across the school.

Sessions 1 and 2 

The day will be doing mathematics enquiry as to the study of patterns and systems

  • Counting and Number Systems such as number patterns; number theory; properties of natural numbers and integers
  • Equivalence and Inequality which includes understanding notions of proof and how it can be used to develop reasoning skills

Sessions 3 and 4

The day will be examining the relationship between the four operations, and a review of the number system. We will review developmental stages (concepts, methods, communication, reasoning and misconceptions).

  • Addition and Subtraction such as the general laws of arithmetic and commutativity
  • Proportional reasoning such as fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio
  • Inverse operations

Participants will have developed trial materials that they will be able to use with their own class or with colleagues in their school.

Session 5

The focus of this session will be to explore techniques of representation and computation.

Session 6

The focus in this session will be to examine pedagogical strategies to include teaching capabilities not expected to be mathematics, e.g. language, art, and music.

Session 7

The final session will evaluate a range of classroom pedagogical strategies and activities. In particular using the teachers’ resources to generate their own mathematics, representations methods, reasoning and explanation. 

This course is not currently running but if you have specific questions please contact the Teachers' Centre