Primary NQT Programme


Our sessions are aimed at supporting Newly Qualified Teachers in KS1 and KS2


Primary NQT Programme 2018-19

We are in the process of setting dates for the sessions and confirming rooms and staffing. In the interim please email Sue Dixon if you have any questions or if you want to register your school. She will email you once the dates have been confirmed. [Include the course name in the email subject header. Please supply your name, email address, school name and address, and how many places you'd like to book in the email.]

There will be some changes this year:

  • Sessions will take place between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. (3 hours)
  • Each session will cost £85.
  • Bookings will be via Eventbrite
  • We will be holding an NQT conference in the Spring Term 2019 which will focus on Supporting the diverse needs of pupils.

The first planned session will likely be in October or early November and is entitled: ‘Managing Behaviours in the Classroom and Your First Term in Post’

You might want to attend Michael Rosen’s Reading Rebellion conference. This takes place on Saturday 13th October 2018.


Sessions require active participation and are an opportunity to discuss your practice and reflect on your progress. Feedback is very good and indicates that the sessions are relevant, interactive and interesting. There is time to discuss individual classrooms issues, share ideas and explore solutions to overcome difficulties. Our teachers are drawn from a wide range of professional and educational backgrounds and they support a diverse and exciting educational experience and provide a broad research profile. To view feedback from previous participants, please download our Primary NQT Feedback (PDF)

Session 1 | Managing Behaviours in the Classroom | Wednesday 20/09/2017

This first session will build on the idea of reflective practice, not only to build a strong foundation for the NQT year ahead, but also into the future as a professional.  With a focus on managing behaviours, this session will enable you to deepen your understanding of relationships within the classroom and beyond.  Open discussion will provide a forum where you can share experiences and develop your expertise.  This will also help you identify your immediate next steps in any challenges that you may be encountering. Bring your NQT portfolio and be prepared to describe the Behaviour Management strategies you use.

Session 2 | Your First Term in Post | Wednesday 08/11/2017

Time to reflect on your first term with your own class.  What have been your successes? Why? Which aspects of your practice would you like to develop? This session will provide opportunities to celebrate your achievements and actively explore your next steps. Bring your NQT portfolio in order to review your Induction Observation(s) and targets for the spring term.

Session 3 | Inclusive Practice | Wednesday 17/01/2018

What is inclusion? What is inclusive practice?  This session provides an opportunity to gain further understanding of inclusion and how to embed this within classroom practice.  Drawing on policy, research and classroom practice you will examine how inclusive your classroom really is, from a variety of perspectives.  Bring your NQT portfolio and any resources which you use in your classroom to promote inclusion (e.g. lesson plan, word bank, children’s work…anything!)

Session 4 | Teaching and Learning | Wednesday 21/02/2018

Effective teaching and learning requires a comprehensive understanding of planning and assessment, but what can this look like? What does this mean in practice? This session considers who you are as a teacher, and how you can maximise learning opportunities for the children that you teach. Bring along your NQT portfolio, with your second Induction Observation and something that you feel represents you as a teacher - be creative!

Session 5 | Assessment and Report Writing | Wednesday 23/05/2018 | Book Here

What is the difference between formative and summative assessment? Why is it useful? How can you use this to write an effective and meaningful end of year report? This session will provide practical ideas and advice on report writing and assessment strategies. Bring your NQT portfolio and, if possible, the format of report used in your school.

Session 6 | Looking to the Future | Wednesday 06/06/2018 | Book Here |

The session will be split into two parts. The first part will be about looking back on your induction year so that you can reflect on your strengths and areas for development. You will be given time to focus on your future as a teacher, including any changes in educational policy. Bring your completed NQT portfolio and a key moment from your NQT year to celebrate with the group.The second part will focus on Creativity. We are fortunate to have Annabel Thomas joining us for this session to talk to us about Arts Award and how offering Arts Award, or a similar qualification, can boost your teaching practice and your subjects’ standing in your school. Arts Award is a series of five portfolio based qualifications, four of which are regulated on the Regulated Qualifications Framework. Offering Arts Award can also contribute to a school receiving Artsmark, a quality mark for arts provision run by Arts Council England. Arts Award’s flexible format means it is easily adaptable to curriculum delivery, or as an extra- or co-curricular offer. It is designed to map to existing programmes and schemes of work, and training to become an Arts Award adviser is excellent CPD, as well as helping teachers demonstrate how they meet some elements of the Teachers Standards. For more information about Arts Award please visit their website.

Sessions are from 4pm to 6pm at Goldsmiths and your tutors will be Una CoyneAnna Grant and Sue Dixon.

Sessions cost £80 each and need to be booked at least seven days in advance.

Contact: 020 7919 7326 │ teacherscentre (