Student Pages


Current postgraduate research students

Antonis Antoniou
Aural Aura and Haunting Echoes: Sites with complex biographies
Antonis Antoniou's website

James Bulley
Studio Composition, Interactive Music and Sound Installation
James Bulley's website

Rob Canning
Acoustic Composition, Interactive Performance, Open Forms
Rob Canning's website

Chris Halliwell
Studio Composition

Marcus Leadley
Reconfiguring Acoustic Space: Soundscape and Perception

I-Chin Li
Studio Composition, Improvisation
I-Chin Li 's website

Tommaso Perego
Sonic Choreography in 2D and 3D surround sound environments
Tommaso Perego's website

Elisabetta Senesi
Feedback Loop: Zones of Subtle Sounds in Psychogeographic Living Spaces

Claire Singer
Studio Composition, Interactive Music, Live Electronics

Emmanuel Spinelli
Acoustic Phenotypology – The territory of the disembodied voice in electro-acoustic music and the perception of Acousmatic Identities
Emmanuel Spinelli's website

Stephen Wilkinson
Studio Composition

Alistair Zaldua
Composition and Live Electronics
Alistair Zaldua's website

Recently completed postgraduates (MMus, MPhil/PhD)


Lucia Chung (PhD)
From Centre to Circumference: Sound, itself, and its Double.

Ruth Hawkins (PhD)
Interpenetrations of Recordings and the Real
Ruth Hawkins's website

Ryo Ikeshiro (PhD)
Studio Composition, Generative Music, Installation
Ryo Ikeshiro's website


Kathrine Sandys (PhD)
I Thought I Grew An Ear in My Stomach - The Phenomenological Experience of the Art Event as a Sublime Encounter
Kathrine Sandys' website

Jeremy Keenan (PhD)
Studio Composition, Interactive Media, Installation
Jeremy Keenan's website


Sebastian Lexer (PhD)
Performance: Technical Developments of Interactive Music Systems
Sebastian Lexer's website
FFT Analysis as a Creative Tool in Live Performance (PDF download)


Dawn Scarfe (AHRC) (PhD)
In the surround – sound and phenomenal experience
Dawn Scarfe's website

Thanos Chrysakis (PhD)
Studio Composition: The Structural and Aesthetic Capacity of Sonic Matter
Thanos Chrysakis' website
Aural Terrains


Simon Zagorski-Thomas (PhD)
Art of Record Production

Simon Zagorski-Thomas' website


James Alaska
James Alaska's website

James Bulley
James Bulley's website

Jane Dickson
Jane Dickson's website

Jonathan McHugh
Jonathan McHugh's website

Tristan Shorr
Tristan Shorr's website

Tsai-Wei Chen (PhD)
Sonic Constellations – sojourners' interconnected soundscapes – a case study of ten Taipei sojourners' listening experiences in London
Tsai-Wei Chen's website
Taiwan Soundscape website


Marcus Leadley
Marcus Leadley's website


Dominic Murcott (PhD)
Dominic Murcott's website

John Wynne (PhD)
Hearing Voices – Sound art practice in a cross-cultural context
John Wynne's website

Claire M Singer
Claire M Singer's website


Arthur Jeffes
Arthur Jeffes' website

Tom Mudd
Tom Mudd's website

Dawn Scarfe
Dawn Scarfe's website


Scott Hewitt
Scott Hewitt's website

Li-Chuan Chong
Li-Chuan Chong's website


Graham Wakefield (2004)
Graham Wakefield's website

Jade Hamzelou (2003)
Jade Hamzelou's website

Konrad Kaczmarek (2003)
Konrad Kaczmarek's website

Jocasta Lucas (2003)
Jocasta Lucas' website

Aki Pasoulas (2003)
Aki Pasoulas' website

Jacques Nazaire (2002)
Jacques Nazaire's website