Erasmus+ funded traineeships


Traineeship opportunities allow students to undertake a work placement abroad in a wide variety of organisations. As a student at Goldsmiths it's possible to receive an Erasmus+ grant for a traineeship at a company, organisation or university in Europe.

Traineeships are open to part-time and full-time undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students in any year of study and may be an integrated part of their studies (i.e. over the summer) or taken within a maximum of one year after graduation (known as a Graduate Traineeship). Students of non-EU nationalities can take part, but need to make visa arrangements themselves.
They can be a minimum of two months and up to a maximum of six months and must be full time - at least 28 hours a week. The traineeship should be related to and build on the student's area of study. Funding is subject to availability, so in some cases traineeships may only be partially funded
For students who complete a traineeship before they graduate, this can be recorded on their HEAR: find out more here.
We recommend students wanting to apply for traineeship funding visit the Careers Service to discuss their skills and areas of interest. The Student Mobility team can also provide a list of careers websites for European countries as a starting point.

Countries eligible for participation: 

All EU Member States 

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. This includes Canary Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Réunion, Azores, Madeira. 

EFTA EEA countries

Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway. Nb. Switzerland is not an eligible programme country.

Candidate countries

Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  

Traineeship Mobility Grant 

The below amounts will be awarded to successful applicants for traineeships undertaken in the 2017/18 year. An extra €20 per month will be awarded to students who can show evidence of household income below £25,000pa.

Traineeship country

Monthly Grant

Group 1 countries (high cost of living)

Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden



Group 2 countries (medium cost of living)

Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey

and Group 3 countries (low cost of living)

Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia






  • Continuing undergraduate and postgraduate students can begin traineeships from after 1 June and must be finished by 31 August the same year.
  • Graduating undergraduate and postgraduate students can begin traineeships from 1 September after finishing their course, and must be finished by 31 August the following year.

Finding a placement for traineeship

Students are responsible for finding a suitable placement before applying for the grant. Your department might be able to suggest possible hosts through contacts via research collaborations or networks, and of course you can also get in touch directly with a company or an organisation that you are interested in yourself.

The website is a good place to start looking. Recognise that there may be competition for work placements so you should be willing to put effort into it and consider a wide range of countries, with consideration for language requirements. Many workplaces across Europe work in English.

There are a few organisations that are not approved for Erasmus Traineeship: 

  • EU bodies including specialised agencies and EU HEIs: see a full list
  • Organisations managing EU programmes (such as National Agencies) in order to avoid possible conflict of interests and/or double funding

Application and selection procedure 

Applications are now open for continuing undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Students must find and arrange a traineeship placement before applying for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant.

Once you have found a traineeship please apply for Erasmus+ funding using the Erasmus+ Traineeship online application form.

We hope to open another round of applications for graduating students in June. Please sign up for the International Mobility newsletter to be kept updated on new application rounds. 

Selection criteria

  • Academic standing
  • Language skills (if required by host organisation)
  • Motivation for the visit, and ability to explain how it will enhance skills and employability
  • Having no previous experience in the receiving country (eg. not a return to country of origin)
  • Ability to represent Goldsmiths favourably

Please note the application process is competitive and there is no guarantee that all applicants will be funded.

Graduate Trainees must have all arrangements for their traineeship in place before they graduate. Students who are in debt to the college are not eligible to receive funding.

What happens next

Once your application has been submitted it will be assessed by a panel including colleagues from the International Mobility and Careers teams. Applicants will be informed within 6 weeks of applying whether their application has been successful.

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