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The Centre has links with the following international research centres

Infoscape Research Lab, Ryerson University, Toronto

University of Siegen, Kulturwissenschaftliches Forschungkolleg

Center for Global Communications Studies, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania
Center for Social Media, American University, Washington DC
Center for Cultural Sociology, Yale University

International Visiting Fellow

In Summer term 2016 María José Gámez Fuentes, Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain) visited the Centre as a visiting scholar. Her key research interests focus on feminist theory, cultural violence and communication towards social change. The results of her work have appeared in journals such as Social Movement Studies, International Journal of Iberian Studies, Peace Review and Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies.

In May 2011 David Nolan visits the Centre as international Visiting scholar. David Nolan is a lecturer in Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne. His key research interests centre on how theoretical resources can be deployed to develop an understanding of, and critically investigate, the sociopolitical role performed by media institutions, practices and representations. He is currently working on a book that seeks to review, and reflect on the significance of, ‘governmentality’ approaches for media and journalism studies.

David is also a Chief Investigator on a three-year Australian Research Council project, ‘Media Treatment and Communication Needs of Sudanese- Australians’, that seeks to investigate the media treatment of a prominent group of recent migrants, its impact on their lives, and the potential difference that a media intervention, comprising a journalism training initiative, can contribute to improving representation for Sudanese Australians.

International Visiting Fellow
Salih Moustafa from University of Salahaddin in Kurdistan has been a Visiting scholar at the Centre in March and April 2011. His stay in the UK was funded by the British Council. While based at Goldsmiths, Salih worked with Dr Des Freedman in developing research articles and in supporting research for a future book project on media and conflict.

The Future of Public Media
The Centre’s international partner, The Center for Social Media, American University, Washington DC, has published a policy document on The Future of Public Media, building from discussions to which the Centre contributed.

New International Visiting Professor
‌In January 2011 James Miller joins the Centre as International Visiting Professor for the Spring and the Summer term. James Miller is professor of communications in the School of Cognitive Science at Hampshire College in the US. Hampshire, part of the Five College consortium (Amherst, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges and the main campus of the University of Massachusetts), which enjoys an international reputation for institutional collaboration.

Professor Miller comes to Goldsmiths after a semester at the MIT Media Lab. He is pursuing a year-long project on the changing experience of citizenship and its relation both to the demise of mainstream journalism and the nearly total mediatization of politics. His past research subjects include media law and policy and the comparative study of new media innovation, including Fulbright research in Paris, exploring the privatization of French radio and the introduction of Minitel. He is engaged in a continuing, critical study of Western media assistance to so-called democratizing countries.

International Visiting Fellow
The Centre welcomed Dr Samuel Toledano as International Visiting Fellow from March to June 2010. Dr Toledano is a specialist on alternative politics and also worked as a journalist in Spain and as a political communications adviser in Venezuela, Colombia and Peru.

International Visiting Fellow
Marcelo Burgos, Professor of Political Science and Sociology in Federal University of Paraíba (Universidade Federal da Paraíba - UFPB), February 2020-January 2021.

Marcelo Burgos' research is about civic participation through ICTs and how that can help democracy to be stronger. As part of this, he is investigating how digital devices can make radical politics rise up (through community, citizenship and participation).

During his visiting fellowship at Goldsmiths, he is researching democratic practices at a local level used by people to mobilise actions that are aligned with the concept of radical politics.

He is exploring how the digital dimension of democratic participation can promote radical democracy - in the original Latin meaning - in other words, going to the roots, or being deeply embedded, to see if a politics of the commons can emerge.