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Throughout their studies at Goldsmiths University, students of the music department enjoy full access to all the spaces and equipment at the GMS.

This allows students to gain vital experience in creating professional recordings, as well as time to experiment and develop their own practice - all under the guidance and support of the GMS team members.

Moreover, the GMS offers a range of extracurricular schemes for passionate students who seek to further their knowledge and expertise. 


The Student Assistant Engineer Programme (HEAR Accredited) 

The junior engineer offers extra support and training to students who are interested in careers as a music producer and/or engineer.

The programme involves workshops and other forms of training throughout the year and students are also expected to engineer a certain amount of sessions for other students.

Omnii - Women+ and Non-binary Studio Development Programme

The programme aims to develop the technical knowledge and studio skills of female and non-binary music students through a series of workshops, talks and recording opportunities.

All levels of technical ability welcome, the workshops act as a welcoming space to supplement students' knowledge of engineering and production.

The Professional Practice Scheme (PPS)

The Professional Practice Scheme offers an opportunity for recent alumni of the music departement to be employed by the GMS as assistant engineers for a period of up to two years, allowing them to gain valuable work experience and knowledge, as well as offering a platform to develop their own practice.