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Control Room

Control Room

The control room features a large-format Calrec vintage analogue mixing desk with 72 inputs.

It also includes a large collection of vintage and new analogue outboard equipment (Neve, API, Urei, Teletronix etc).

Supporting both digital and analogue recording with a Pro Tools HD recording system and a 2” 24 track Otari MTR90 Mk2 tape machine the control room is linked up to all three live rooms.

Please see a high-resolution image of Control Room.

Studio One

GMS Studio 1

Studio 1 operates as the main live recording room. It features 12ft high ceilings, a timber floor, and variable acoustics. It includes a Yamaha C6 Grand Piano in concert piano condition. 

Please see a high-resolution image of Studio one.

Studio Two

Studio 2

Studio 2 is our state-of-the-art mixing and production room, featuring an MTA 980 previously belonging to Radiohead.

The room can also be linked up for recording to Studio 1, providing a dryer, more controlled acoustic.

It features an upright piano known as “The Dalek” as well as a vintage Rhodes Piano that used to belong to the BBC Big Band at Maida Vale. 

Please see a high-resolution image of Studio two.

Studio Three

Studio Three

Studio 3 is a self-contained production and rehearsal room. It features a Midas Vienna analog desk and a Fostex 16 track tape machine as well as full-back line, an upright piano and a vintage Roland Juno 106 and Dave Smith Prophet 08 synthesisers.

Please see a high-resolution image of Studio three.