Departmental Boards


Ordinances 2015-16

Ordinances 6-9: Departmental Boards

6 Departmental Boards

6.1 There shall be a Departmental Board for each department.

7 Membership of Departmental Boards

7.1  There shall be a Standard Composition for Departmental Boards approved by Academic Board for publication, which shall also consider recommendations from individual Boards for exceptions from the Standard Composition.

7.2 Nothing within this Ordinance shall prevent a Head of Department from convening Departmental Meetings to which any member of staff or student of the department may be invited.

8 Meetings of Departmental Boards

8.1 Each Departmental Board shall meet not less than twice in each session.

8.2 The quorum for a meeting of a Departmental Board shall be as specified in the Standing Order of the College.

9 Powers of Departmental Boards

9.1 Each Departmental Board shall be advisory to the Head of Department in matters relating to resourcing, teaching, quality assurance (including programme monitoring), student numbers (including research grants and external support), examinations and organisation of the department.

9.2 Each Departmental Board shall advise the Academic Board on matters remitted to it by the Academic Board, such advice being conveyed to the Academic Board by the Head of Department.

9.3 Each Departmental Board shall advise Academic Board upon:

9.3.1 Academic staff performance development and review, and career development

9.3.2 All proposed academic developments within the department, together with an assessment of their resource implications

9.3.3 Admissions policy and qualifications for entry to programmes of study

9.3.4 Student progress

9.3.5 The nomination of representatives to serve on external bodies

9.3.6 The appointment of Internal and External Examiners and their suspension or removal

9.3.7 The institution and award of studentships, scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries and prizes

9.3.8 Other matters relating to the general management of the College at the request of the Academic Board

9.4 Each Departmental Board may make recommendations to the Academic Board on all matters within the purview of the department.