Creation and maintenance of Regulations


Ordinances 2015-16

Note: Changes are expected to this Ordinance to take effect for 2014-15

Ordinance 10: Procedure for the creation and maintenance of Regulations:

10.1 Regulations governing the business of the College shall be subject to the Charter, Statutes, and Ordinances of the College and of the University of London.

10.2 The Regulations shall comprise the:

General Regulations

Financial Regulations

Programme Regulations

Regulations for Undergraduate Students

Regulations for Postgraduate Taught Students

Regulations for Postgraduate Research Students

Assessment Regulations

Student Accommodation Regulations

10.3 General Regulations shall be subject to approval by Academic Board and Council, normally in response to a proposal from the member of staff appointed by the Registrar and Secretary to coordinate the updating of all Regulations defined by this Ordinance. [Appointed member of staff in 2014-15: Director of Legal and Governance Services] This person will be expected to ensure that members of the College staff with executive responsibility for the specific area of activity concerned, the relevant member of the Senior Management Team, and in the case of major amendments any relevant committee, have been consulted.

10.4 Financial Regulations shall be subject to approval by Council.

10.5 Student Accommodation Regulations shall be subject to approval by the Registrar and Secretary.

10.6 Programme Regulations shall be subject to approval by the body to which Academic Board has delegated responsibility for approving new programmes currently Learning and Teaching Quality Committee.

10.7 Regulations for which no approval process is specified above shall be subject to approval by the Academic Board.