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Mediation is a structured process that allows parties that are in a conflict or have an issue, to talk about it openly and honestly in a safe and confidential environment, and to work towards a mutually agreeable resolution (this usually takes the form of a signed agreement). It provides an opportunity for both parties to hear each other’s points of view, and to get an understanding of why things have happened. The process usually lasts one day.

Mediation is voluntary, and, if at any point during the process you don’t feel it’s right for you, it’s all right to leave.

Mediation is also confidential. Before entering into mediation, both parties sign a confidentiality agreement. This means that both of you sign up to the understanding that what’s talked about during mediation remains confidential – unless you both agree otherwise. All notes taken during the meeting (the mediators and yours) are destroyed at the end of the session, and the only piece of paper that leaves the meeting is the signed agreement (should there be one). 

Mediation does not form any part of the College’s formal procedures. It is complementary to the College’s formal procedures and provides an alternative mechanism for students to resolve an issue.

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