Student Complaints

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This section explains the procedure for making and reaching decisions about complaints.  

Students should consult our guidance before submitting a complaint. This sets out what can be dealt with under this procedure and the grounds for requesting a review.

You may also download it as an interactive PDF here:

The General Regulation concerning student complaints can be found here.

Download our Complaints Flow Chart (PDF) for an overview of the process.

It is recognised that, on occasion, students may be dissatisfied with an aspect of their experience at the College, and Goldsmiths is committed to ensuring that students can raise matters of concern without fear of disadvantage.

Problems you may raise a complaint about:

  • academic complaints, such as concerns about module delivery, administration, teaching or feedback;
  • personal complaints about a member of staff, or another student or group of students;
  • non-academic and non-personal complaints relating to accommodation, or general non-academic or professional services.

You cannot complain about a decision made by a Board of Examiners; for this, you need to make an appeal against assessment.

We cannot deal with complaints about admissions to Goldsmiths - if you have a question about your application or admission decision please contact

We recommend that you consult our guidance. You may also download it as an interactive PDF here:


Stage One

Any enrolled or interrupted student can make a complaint, but they must raise the issue with the member of staff concerned, with the service manager, their personal tutor or the Departmental Senior Tutor first, with the aim of resolving things locally.

We call this first stage “Front-Line Resolution”. This is to make clear that we will try to address the problem where it has arisen, so that most difficulties can be sorted out quickly; but it also emphasises that we want to take any concerns raised by students seriously.

If students remain dissatisfied with the response to the complaint at Stage One, or if matters have not been satisfactorily resolved within two weeks of the problem having been raised, they should progress the matter to Stage Two.

If you’re an enrolled or interrupted student, you must raise your complaint within three-months of the problem. Former students and graduates can also make a complaint under this procedure, but must raise the complaint within two-months of leaving Goldsmiths.

Stage Two

This is the formal complaint. If matters can't be resolved by Front-Line Resolution, or if the results of Stage One are unsatisfactory, students can progress to Stage Two by completing the appropriate form and sending it to with their supporting evidence:

If you require an alternative format, please contact or call 020 7078 5062.

Stage Three

Students dissatisfied with the outcome of a Stage Two investigation may submit a Stage Three request for review. This must be done within one-month of the date that they are notified of the Stage Two outcome. A review request can only be considered if it is based on one or more of the following grounds:

  1. There were procedural irregularities in the investigation of the complaint; or
  2. Fresh evidence can be presented which could not reasonably have been made available with submission of the Stage Two Form; or
  3. The outcome of the investigation was not reasonable in all the circumstances.

If you wish to use Stage Three of the procedure for a complaint about industrial action, please use an on-line form. You can upload supporting evidence directly or you can send by email (see below).

You can access the online Complaint - Industrial Action - Stage Three (Review) Form here: 


Students who wish to escalate matters to Stage Three should complete the below form, attaching any relevant evidence, and send it to complaints (

If you require an alternative format, please contact complaints ( or call 020 7078 5062.