Goldsmiths' College Assessment Guidance and Procedures

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This information is provided for students and staff, but in particular for Heads of Department, Chairs of Boards of Examiners, Departmental Examinations Officers and Departmental Business Managers/Administrators.  Assessment policy and procedure applies equally to all taught programmes irrespective of their level. Where procedures differ from undergraduate degrees, those exceptions are noted.

‘Assessment’ is a generic term covering all forms of examination associated with a Programme of Study and students will undertake a variety of assessments as required by their academic department.

Please select a topic below for detailed information relating to procedures or guidance:

1. Responsibilities:

Heads of Department, Chairs of Boards, Departmental Examinations Officers, External Examiners, Internal Examiners, Secretaries of Boards and Regulatory Advisers.

2. Boards of Examiners:

2.1    Meetings of the Boards of Examiners

2.2    Guidance on Board of Examiners Procedures

(i)     Protocol for the meeting of Boards of Examiners

(ii)    Preparation for a Board of Examiners Meeting

(iii)   Completing the Board of Examiners Report

2.3     Award and Progression Criteria for UG Credit Framework Degrees

2.4     Calculation of the Overall Final Weighted Average Mark for UG Credit Framework Degrees

2.5     Impact on Assessment of students by an Interruption of Programme of Study

2.6     Matters Affecting a Candidates Overall Degree Classification

2.7     Assessment of Honours for Credit Framework Degrees

2.8     Goldsmiths’ Standard Criteria for classification of Masters’ Degrees

2.9     Aegrotat Provisions

2.10  Standard Format of Notes of a Meeting of the Boards of Examiners

3. Assessment Processes:

3.1    Approval and Amendment of Modules and Associated Assessments

3.2    Selection and Confirmation of Students’ modules for Assessment

3.3    Assessment Reasonable Adjustments (ARA)

3.4    Methods of Assessment

3.5    Legibility of Written Examination Scripts

3.6    Submission of Assessed Coursework

3.7    Non-Submission of Assessed work or Absence from Written Examinations

3.8    Non-Valid Attempt

3.9    Re-entry

3.10  Deferred Assessment

3.11  Marking Schemes and Grading Criteria

3.12  Conventions for Marking

3.13  Recording of Marks

3.14  Late Summer Assessment

3.15  Publication of Results

3.16  Pass lists

3.17  Issue of University of London and Goldsmiths’ Certificates

3.18  Retention of Material

3.19  Appeals Against Assessments Awarded

3.20 Intercollegiate Study within the University of London Institutions

3.21 Intercollegiate Study Application Form

4. Extenuating Circumstances:

4.1   Acceptable and Unacceptable Extenuating Circumstances and Evidence

4.2   Student Application Process for Consideration of Extenuating Circumstances in Assessment

4.3   Consideration of Student Applications for Extenuating Circumstances in Assessment

4.4   Extenuating Circumstances Flow Chart

4.5   Example of an Application Form for Consideration of Extenuating Circumstances in Relation

        to Assessment of Modules.

5. Written Examinations:

5.1   Duties of Head of Assessments and Departmental Examinations Officers

5.2   Preparation of Written Examination Papers

5.3   Written Examination Paper Proforma

5.4   Examination Timetable

5.5   Invigilation and Conduct of Examinations

6. Assessment Misconduct:

6.1   Academic Integrity and Definitions of Forms of Academic Misconduct

6.2   Assessment Misconduct Statement

6.3   Assessment Misconduct Procedure

6.4   Assessment Misconduct Definitions of level of Offence

6.5   Assessment Misconduct Tariff of Penalties

6.6   Assessment Misconduct Response Form 2

6.7   Assessment Misconduct Response Form 3

6.8   Assessment Misconduct Response Form 4

6.9   Student Hearing Invitation Letter

6.10 Assessment Misconduct Flowchart of Procedure

7. Course Unit Degree Information:

To be applied to students registered to study an undergraduate course unit degree on or before September 2009

7.1   Re-entries for Students on Undergraduate Course Unit Degrees

7.2   Aegrotat Provisions – Course Unit Degrees

7.3   Progression and Awarding Criteria - Course Unit Degrees

7.4   Assessment of Honours for Course Unit Degrees

7.5   Calculation of the final weighted average mark for course unit degrees applied to students registered from September 2005 to September 2009