Academic Progress Committee


Parent body: Academic Board

Academic Progress Committee considers taught students referred for dismissal on grounds of unsatisfactory academic progress. It has powers to permanently dismiss or temporarily suspend students, or it may advise a student who is ineligible to continue to repeat some or all of the previous year of study either full-time or part-time. APC does not consider cases of academic failure.

The Committee consists of five members who are, or have been previously, Heads of Department. In each case referred, a panel of three is picked – avoiding any conflicts of interest. The Committee publishes guidance and model correspondence for the use of departments in both communicating with students regarding poor attendance and referring students to the Committee.   

Terms of Reference

  1. To dismiss or suspend temporarily a student on grounds of unsatisfactory academic progress, other than in respect of failure in a public examination, which is covered by the General Regulation on Attendance and Progress.


Academic Progress Committee [APC] Membership


Five Heads or former Heads of academic departments, of whom three will be invited by the Secretary to the Committee to act in any particular case, having regard to any possible conflicts of interest.



Mr Gerald Lidstone [ICCE]


Dr Juliet Sprake [Design]


Dr Uttara Natarajan [ECL]


Richard Noble [Art]



Mr David Jenkins