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The Academic Partnerships Committee considers, monitors and reviews all formal academic partnership arrangements including (a) those which underpin or relate to the collaborative provision of educational programmes in the forms of progression (with recognition of credit), articulation, joint awards, validation, study abroad and off campus delivery; and (b) those which relate to other forms of activity or alliance, and involve contractual or signed agreements (including Memoranda of Understanding and Memoranda of Agreement).

These include partnerships established in the context of the ERASMUS scheme and with the University of London, and other partnerships that are approved for the provision of distance and flexible learning.

It advises and makes recommendations on such partnerships to Academic Board and the Senior Management Team (SMT), and liaises with Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee (LTSEC) and any other committees/sub-committees as appropriate.

Terms of reference

  1. To consider and monitor Goldsmiths’ strategic approach to the development of institutional academic partnerships both domestically and internationally. Academic Partnerships comprise arrangements which include collaborative HE learning and teaching activity and/or lead to the award of a Goldsmiths degree
  2. To oversee and monitor the database of partnership contracts and agreements, including the Academic Partnerships Register, and to keep under review the format and content of contract templates 
  3. To oversee and monitor the health and viability of Goldsmiths’ partnership portfolio, considering key aspects of the management of these relationships and the quality of the student experience
  4. To approve and make recommendations to SMT or other committees, as appropriate, concerning proposals to establish or discontinue academic partnership arrangements
  5. To consider reports from Institutional Approval and Institutional Review advising SMT on any significant issues and making recommendations for ratification at Academic Board
  6. Where partnerships involve delivery of a partner’s programme through validation or similar arrangements, or delivery of a programme of study involving elements delivered by both Goldsmiths’ and the partner, to consider reports from Programme Approval advising SMT on any significant issues and making recommendations for ratification at Academic Board
  7. To review and approve, as necessary, any changes to the Academic Partnerships Handbook
  8. To oversee adherence to academic partnerships policies and procedures, receiving and considering annual reports on academic partnerships, and drawing any issues or recommendations to the attention of relevant committees
  9. To receive an annual report of activities relating to staff and student mobility with partners, including through the ERASMUS scheme, and to highlight to relevant committees, and academic departments as appropriate, any issues arising from this including ways in which such mobility might be enhanced
  10. To consider the academic operation of, and the contractual arrangements* for, the University of London programmes as well as any other distance and flexible learning partnerships, and to make recommendations to the Academic Board and/or other committees, as appropriate
  11. Reporting arrangements for the University of London programmes are articulated in the Quality Schedule which forms part of the contractual relationship with the University of London


Chair Professor Mike Waller ex officio
Academic Director International Development and Academic Partnerships Dr Tara Page ex officio
Director of Student Recruitment Mr James Ringer ex officio
Associate Director Student Support Services Mr Rocchi Acierno ex officio
Associate Director of International Development Mr Geraint Fox ex officio
Head of International Recruitment and Student Mobility Ms Charley Robinson ex officio
Head of Quality Mrs Cathryn Thompson ex officio
Academic Director of Distance Learning Dr Marco Gillies ex officio
Goldsmiths UoL Worldwide Programmes Administrator vacancy ex officio
The Heads of each School Professor Michael Banissy (PSST) ex officio 
Dr Stephen Graham (A&H) ex officio
Professor Matthew Cragoe (C&S) ex officio
Two members of the academic staff from each School, including varying levels of seniority Mr Gerald Lidstone (PSST) to 2024
to be confirmed  
Dr Sara Maitland [ECW] to 2022
Dr Cristina Ros I Sole [Educational Studies] to 2024
Dr Marina Vishmidt [MCCS] to 2022
Ms Linda Lewis [MCCS] to 2022
A representative of the Student's Union to be confirmed  
Secretary Ms Hannah Qurashi  

In Attendance

Head of Governance and Legal Services Mr Matthew Brooks
In attendance for relevant agenda items, by invitation Mr David Kuper (Solicitor)




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