Appointment Panel: Heads of Departments

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The Panel was established by Council in July 2003. In December 2006, Council confirmed that recommendations for the re-appointment of existing Heads of Department for one year could be made by the Warden by Chair's Action on behalf of the Appointment Panel for Heads of Department, without consulting the whole Panel.

The Appointment Panel is constituted separately for each Headship as detailed below. In practice however, the place for a Head or ex-Head of Department often has the same member for all appointments in a given year.

Terms of reference

  1. To make recommendations to Council for the appointment of individuals as Heads of academic departments

Acting Headships

The Panel does not deal with appointments to Acting Headships, in respect of which Council resolved on 23 June 2005 (Minute 28):

  1. that the appointment of Acting Heads of academic departments be delegated to the Warden in respect of periods of up to a term, without any routine reporting obligation to Council
  2. that such appointments be subject to approval by the Chair of Council and report to Council if for periods of more than a term, or where a re-appointment would result in a continuous period as Acting Head of more than one term


Chair: Warden Professor Frances Corner ex officio
The Pro-Warden responsible for the Department concerned Varies ex officio
A Head or ex-Head of an academic department Appointed by the Warden  
Secretary Vacancy