Appointment Panel: Pro-Wardens

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Terms of reference

  1. To make recommendations to Council for the appointment of individuals as Pro-Warden or Deputy Warden


The current procedures for appointing Pro-Wardens were first established by Council on 1 July 2003 (Council paper S03-228).

Specification of duties of Pro-Wardens

At the July 2003 meeting, Council also agreed statements of generic duties for the Pro-Wardens, and specific duties for each Pro-Warden portfolio. From August 2006 the task of defining the duties of the Pro-Wardens was in part delegated to the Warden, and at its meeting on 25 June 2009 Council agreed:

  • that, on the understanding that the Warden and his successors would produce, make publicly available and update promptly as necessary, appropriate documentation concerning the roles of the Pro-Wardens, the statutory powers of Council concerning the setting of a framework for the duties of the Pro-Wardens be not exercised until further notice
  • that the Warden be required to make available any new versions of the documentation defining Pro-Warden responsibilities to a senior member of the administrative staff appointed by the Registrar and Secretary, who would be responsible for maintaining permanently an electronic archive of all versions of the documentation, in conformity with any current College policies on Records Management, and for making the appropriate current texts available for publication on College webpages relating to governance and the College Publication Scheme. The member of staff currently appointed to fulfil this role is the Director of Human Resources

Appointment procedures

The following specific features of the procedure for the appointment of Pro-Wardens were agreed by Council on 1 July 2003:

  • When it is known that a vacancy will occur, the post will be advertised within the College, while Heads of Department and members of SMT will be invited to suggest names
  • Candidates will be asked to apply by submitting a curriculum vitae and personal statement indicating how they meet the requirements for the post as identified through the Job Description and Person Specification
  • Appointments of Pro-Wardens are normally made for four years. (The Senior Pro-Warden [since changed to Deputy Warden] is normally appointed until he or she ceases to be Pro-Warden)
  • Appointments of Pro-Wardens should normally be made at the preceding Autumn term meeting of Council to permit suitable induction (Section 8 of Council paper S03.228)

Membership of Council etc

Pro-Wardens are members ex officio of Council, of Academic Board and of a number of other committees. The composition of Council, set out in the College Statutes, defines the maximum number of Pro-Wardens, which is four (Statutes wef 1 September 2007). One Pro-Warden may also be appointed Deputy Warden. There are other statutory provisions for the roles of Pro-Warden and Deputy Warden.


Chair: Chair of Council Ms Dinah Caine ex officio
Warden Professor Frances Corner ex officio
The Deputy Warden (or Deputy Warden-designate), except when the Panel is considering the appointment of the Deputy Warden Professor Elisabeth Hill ex officio
An Independent Member of Council to be determined  
Secretary Normally the Director of Human Resources