Departmental Boards

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Parent body

Academic Board

Departmental Boards are governed by Ordinances 6-9

Terms of reference

  1. To advise the Head of Department on the following matters in relation to the department: resourcing, teaching, quality assurance (including programme monitoring), student numbers (including research grants and external support), examinations and the organisation of the department.To advise Academic Board on matters prescribed by Ordinance
  2. To advise Academic Board on matters prescribed by Ordinance

Composition of Departmental Boards ('standard composition')

The composition of each Departmental Board shall be subject to the approval of the Academic Board and shall normally comprise:

  • Head or Acting Head of Department ex officio, who shall take the Chair
  • All academic staff of the Department, except that a member of the Department serving as Pro-Warden shall not be a member of the Departmental Board during their term of office
  • Heads of other departments with shared responsibility for combined degree programmes offered in the department, or their representatives
  • Up to seven students studying on degree programmes in the Department, at least one being a Departmental Student Coordinator, to be selected according to arrangements agreed between the Departmental Student Coordinator(s)  and the Head of Department, and normally also including three undergraduate students, a research student and a taught postgraduate student
  • The Departmental Administrator, who shall normally also be Secretary
  • One member of the support staff of the department other than the Departmental Administrator

Secretary: Normally the Departmental Administrator of the Department concerned

Academic Board approves exceptions to the standard composition and most departments currently have one or more Exceptions.

Note: "Academic staff" is as defined by Statute – i.e. those holding posts of Professor, Reader, Senior Lecturer or Lecturer. The term "Departmental Student Coordinator" is defined by Ordinance.