Departmental Learning and Teaching Committees

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Parent bodies

Learning, Teaching & Student Experience Committee and the relevant Departmental Board

Terms of Reference

  1. To develop, implement and review the departmental Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy, which will:
    1. articulate with the College's current strategic planning initiatives for Learning,Teaching and Assessment, and reflect the department's particular structure and disciplinary approaches to learning, teaching and assessment
    2. be supplemented by annual implementation plans indicating key priorities and activities
  2. With reference to the College's Quality and Standards Framework and their own Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy, to ensure the effectiveness of their provision, both to maintain academic standards and to monitor and enhance the quality of student's learning opportunities
  3. With reference to the above to:
    1. consider all proposals for new programmes and other provision prior to its approval by Departmental Board
    2. undertake Annual Programme Reviews comprising consideration of
      • Student feedback (course evaluation; programme monitoring)
      • External Examiner reports
      • Data on student admissions, retention, progression and completion
    3. undertake periodic reviews of programmes and curricula
  4. To consider matters of policy and practice relating to Learning, Teaching and Assessment, referred to it by the Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee and to provide responses as appropriate

Composition and Membership

As determined by the relevant Departmental Board.