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Research and Enterprise Committee


The Graduate School has a pivotal role in ensuring the vitality, productivity, and sustainability of the College’s research culture.

It seeks to create and optimise opportunities for postgraduate research students to work with staff in areas of their particular academic expertise, amplifying the College’s internationally excellent research and equipping students with the capacities to influence thinking and practice in rewarding future careers within and outside academia.

It has responsibility for ensuring that students benefit from a high quality experience, and that completion rates are high, by providing a strong infrastructure and a framework for effective supervision which is applied effectively and consistently across departments.

The Postgraduate Research Board (PRB) provides strategic direction and oversight to its policies and activities; it monitors matters including student progress, departmental compliance with supervision requirements, outcomes and completion rates; and it facilitates connectivity with the College’s broader research and enterprise strategy, by advising on and overseeing relationships with research councils and other partner institutions, particularly in relation to Doctoral Training Centres and similar externally funded doctoral training schemes.

  1. To consider strategic planning and policy development matters relating to the Graduate School, and to make recommendations to Research and Enterprise Committee [REC]
  2. To provide reports to Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee [LTEC] and its sub-committees on programmes, quality and standards as appropriate
  3. To monitor the delivery of aspects of approved College strategy relating to the Graduate School
  4. To oversee the operation of College policies relating to provision for postgraduate research students, including those pertaining to admissions for research degrees
  5. To monitor progression and completion rates across the College, reporting and making recommendations to REC as appropriate
  6. To ensure that the progress of individual PGR students is effectively monitored and that appropriate actions are taken to resolve difficulties where students are falling significantly behind schedule
  7. To oversee, monitor and evaluate arrangements for supervisor training and development
  8. To oversee and monitor the provision of doctoral training within the College
  9. To advise REC and SMT on the development of applications, independently or in collaboration with other institutions, for Doctoral Training Partnerships [DTPs], block grant partnerships [BGPs] or other funding schemes which support PGR studentships
  10. To monitor the operation of DTPs, BGPs and other externally funded training centres which have external reporting requirements, making recommendations to REC, LTEC, and SMT as appropriate
  11. To ensure that all PGR students are aware of, and that PGR training provision at Goldsmiths, is in keeping with the pronciples of The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, particularly as it applies to Early-Stage Researchers.

Chair: Pro-Warden (Research, Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange) Professor David Oswell ex officio
Dean of the Graduate School Professor Mark Johnson ex officio
Head of the Graduate School Office Chris Robson ex officio
Goldsmiths DTC Leads Professor Mark Johnson (SeNSS) ex officio
Professor John Drever (CHASE) ex officio
Dr Alex Wilkie (Design Star) ex officio

One member of academic staff (PGR Convenor) from each School

Dr Edgar Schmitz (A&H) to 2023
Dr Henricke Donner [C&S] to 2024
Dr Vally Lytra (PSST) to 2023
Two Postgraduate Research Students Molly Pardoe to 2023
Jilliene Nadine Sellner to 2023
Secretary Rosamond Eele  

In attendance

  • Tobin Webb (Head of Student Success)

Terms of office on committees are for three years, renewable for three further years. If the letters "eot" appear against a person's name in a membership listing, this indicates that he or she will reach the maximum term as a member of the body concerned on 31 August in the year specified.

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