Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee

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Terms of Reference

  1. To invite and consider suggestions from members of the College for the conferment of honorary awards
  2. To make recommendations to Council that the College should award Honorary Degrees or Fellowships to particular individuals
  3. To make recommendations to Council on the College's response to any invitation from the University of London to make proposals concerning Honorary Degrees, or the process of awarding Honorary Degrees


Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee [HDFC] Membership


Chair: Warden

Professor Frances Corner

 ex officio

Three independent members appointed by Council, of whom at least two shall be members of Council



Ms Lynn Pearcy

to 2023

Sir David Reddaway

to 2022 (eot)

The member of Council elected by the non-academic staff

Mr Ben Fowler

ex officio

A member elected by Academic Board, to be a member of Academic Board at the time of election

Mr Gerald Lidstone

to 2021 (eot)

Two members of the academic staff elected by Academic Board

Ms Amanda Kipling

to 2023



Deputy Warden

Professor Elisabeth Hill

ex officio

Registrar and Secretary

Ms Helen Watson

ex officio 

Head of Communications and Public Relations

Mr Tom Morgan

ex officio

Director of Development and Alumni

Ms Alison Woolley

ex officio

A full member of the Students' Union appointed by the Student Assembly

Ms Niquella Simpson-West

 to 2021


 Ms Sally Priddle 



For Minutes please contact governance@gold.ac.uk