Human Resources and Equalities Committee

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The committee is responsible for the overall oversight of the College’s human resources and people management matters.

Through its discussions and decision-making, it will ensure Council realises its commitment to achieving equality and diversity throughout the College.

Terms of reference

The committee has delegated authority from Council to:

  1. Review strategy
  2. Oversee the development of policy
  3. Monitor the effectiveness of HR Strategy

  1. To review the College’s human resources and equality and diversity strategies and to recommend changes to Council as appropriate
  2. To monitor the implementation of action plans agreed for the delivery of the human resources and the equality and diversity strategies
  3. To agree KPIs and associated targets relating to human resources management and to review the College’s performance against these targets
  4. To oversee the development of policies relating to human resources
  5. To consider, as appropriate, procedures for the appointment, assignment, grading, appraisal, development, discipline, suspension and dismissal of staff and recommend these to Council
  6. To receive regular reports on the profile of Goldsmiths staff, recruitment, turnover and proactive casework with appropriate data and statistics to ensure matters of equality and diversity are addressed
  7. To monitor the delivery of aspects of approved College strategy relating to equality and diversity, and to carry out any additional monitoring required to ensure that Council realises its commitment to achieving complete equality and real diversity throughout the College
  8. To identify examples of good practice in human resources management and promote their dissemination

  1. Terms of office shall be for three years, renewable for three further years
  2. Members shall receive an induction to working on the committee before attending the first meeting
  3. The committee shall have three meetings every year, which will be timetabled on an annual basis and will take account of the schedule for Council meetings to ensure appropriate reporting
  4. The minutes, agendas and papers for each meeting shall be sent to members at least five working days in advance. Only exceptionally and with the agreement of the Chair will papers be tabled at meetings
  5. The quorum shall consist of 30% of the total membership, of which at least two shall be independent members

  1. The committee regularly reports to Council by circulating the minutes of each meeting and by producing periodic reports regarding the delivery of targets set out in the human resources strategy
  2. The committee receives regular reports from the Human Resources Department, Academic and Development Committee, the Equality and Diversity Officer, the Disability Officer, and the Health and Safety Representative
  3. The committee receives regular reports from JNCC


An independent Chair appointed by Council Monika Barnes to 2024
Chief Operating Officer Jilly Court ex officio
Director, People and Organisational Development Susan Edwards ex officio
Organisational Development and Equalities Manager vacancy ex officio
School of Arts and Humanities Louise Ashcroft [Art] to 2023
School of PSST Dr Anna Carlile [Educational Studies] to 2023 (eot)
School of Culture and Society Dr Henricke Donner [Anthropology] to 2024
Head of a Professional Services department vacancy  
A sabbatical officer of the Students' Union, or, in default, a delegate with the approval of the Committee Islam Alkhatib

to 2023

Two independent Members appointed by Council Irene Adeyinka  to 2023
Mark Emerton to 2025
Independent Member, Co-opted by Council vacancy  
Elected member of staff, or by invite of the Warden vacancy  
One nominated member of staff per recognised staff union (As of 2020, UCU and Unison)  Rehana Zaman (UCU)   
Maria Wright (UNISON)  
Secretary Silva Panattoni  


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