Institutional Partnerships Sub-Committee


Parent Body:  Academic Development Committee

The Institutional Partnerships Sub-Committee considers, monitors and reviews all formal institutional partnership arrangements including (a) those which underpin or relate to the collaborative provision of educational programmes in the forms of progression (with recognition of credit), articulation, joint awards, validation, study abroad and off campus delivery; and (b) those which relate to other forms of activity or alliance, and involve contractual or signed agreements (including Memoranda of Understanding and Memoranda of Agreement).  These include partnerships established in the context of the ERASMUS scheme and with the University of London, and other partnerships that are approved for the provision of distance and flexible learning. 

It advises and makes recommendations on such partnerships to Academic Development Committee [ADC] and the Senior Management Team [SMT], and liaises with Learning, Teaching, and Enhancement Committee [LTEC] and any other committees/subcommittees as appropriate.

Terms of Reference

  1. To oversee and monitor the database of partnership contracts and agreements, including the Collaborative Provision Register, and to keep under review the format and content of contract templates. 
  2. To approve and make recommendations to SMT or other committees, as appropriate, concerning proposals to establish or discontinue collaborative provision arrangements.
  3. To consider reports from Institutional Approval and Institutional Review advising SMT and ADC on any significant issues and making recommendations for ratification at Academic Board.
  4. To review and approve, as necessary, any changes to the Collaborative Provision Handbook;
  5. To oversee adherence to collaborative provision policies and procedures, receiving and considering annual reports on collaborative provision partnerships, and drawing any issues or recommendations to the attention of ADC and/or other committees as appropriate.
  6. To receive an annual report of activities relating to staff and student mobility with partners, including through the ERASMUS scheme, and to highlight to ADC, SMT, and academic departments as appropriate any issues arising from this including ways in which such mobility might be enhanced.
  7. To consider the academic operation of, and the contractual arrangements [1] for, the University of London programmes as well as any other distance and flexible learning partnerships, and to make recommendations to the Academic Board and/or other committees, as appropriate.

[1] Reporting arrangements for the University of London programmes are articulated in the Quality Schedule which forms part of the contractual relationship with the University of London.


Institutional Partnerships Sub-Committee [IPSC] Membership

Chair: Pro-Warden for International Engagement

Professor Mark d’Inverno

ex officio

Lead for Collaborative Provision

Mr Martin Conreen

ex officio

Associate Director of Internationalisation

Mr Geraint Fox

ex officio

Collaborative Provision Manager

Ms Ruth Walton (acting as delegate to Ms Lucie Gibson)

ex officio

Head of International Recruitment and Student Mobility

Ms Charley Robinson


Head of Quality

Mrs Cathryn Thompson

ex officio

Director of Student Experience or his/her nominee

Mr David Winstanley (nominee)

ex officio

Academic Director of Distance Learning

Dr Marco Gillies  ex officio 

Director of Enterprise

Ms Julie Taylor ex officio 

One member of the academic staff from each School

Dr Carla Figueira [ICCE]

to 2020

Ms Annie Guo [Confucius]

to 2020 (eot)

Dr Charlotte Joy [Anthropology]

to 2020

A representative of the Students’ Union

Ms Tara Mariwany

ex officio


Ms Margaret Stern



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